26 October 2007

Happy Time!

Time for a happy post!

Augs, I should be telling a Hell House story around Halloween. Not on Halloween since I'll be spending about six hours at my school, but around then. Probably the 30th, if I remember.

Hey, Marie! I meant to say, nice to meetcha earlier.

I joined NaNoWriMo again this year. Oh, yes, because I think I can write 50k words in 30 days. Clearly, I need to have my head examined. But I'm going to try my best. I have the story going in my head, and the leading lady is starting to shape up. I have until Nov. 1st to plan. Her name? Cooper. Her sisters? Harrison and Finley. Their dad sucks, but I find it hilarious that they were given men names, and have boy nick names. Coop, Harri, and Finn. Ah well, it is my twisted mind. But don't expect me to talk much about it. I'm keeping pretty quiet until I get it done. We'll see. So far, it's a paranormal romance. I'm thinking more like MaryJanice Davidson or Gerry Bartlett. Oh, and there's a hellhound descendant. But you know me, I ain't normal.

In December, my godmom and I are going to go to St. Augustine for vacation. Apparently, we're moving from Atlanta to down there, instead of up here. Um, yeah. But I don't mind, really. I think we both need a change. We'll be gone a week or so. I'll let ya know when time comes closer. We won't be moving until late May. Time for me to finish up the school year, and get some things straightened out first.

Okay, that's enough of an update. I need to go character build Cooper more. *grins* Hey, I might as well use the next couple days for not worrying over the Regents test on Halloween. It's a reading/writing comprehension thing.

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20 October 2007

Here lies...

So, last Thursday night, my gerbil CC died. She was spazzatic, and old, but I liked her. She was older, though. Almost two, and for an inbreed gerbil, she lived a long time. I found her Friday morning and felt terrible. But I was expecting it.

Cherry Coke (C.C.)
[No pic.]

However, I wasn't expecting Jack. Jack is - wait, was - my hamster. I'd had him for about 11 months, and the shit kicked ass. He was awesome. But he died. At 11 months. Which is really young, even for a pet store hammie. I have no idea what killed him. I didn't notice until about 11:30 tonight, when he wasn't spinning on his wheel. Going around and around. And we just got the wheel about six weeks ago, maybe two months. It was a Wodent Wheel. You know, one that didn't break in no time flat. I don't know what to do. Cause it's Jack. I got him about a week after my last male gerbil died last year. I just. Man.

11/18/06 - 10/19/07

[Taken first day I had Jackers.]

It was the terrific end to a sucky day.


13 October 2007

Step right up and witnesss the invisible fat person

Just in case I forgot, shopping is pain in my ass. You see, I'm short, fat, and have DDs. This means I must look like goddamn Granny Grunt-Grunt. And, frankly, I'm tired of looking like a 65-year-old grandmother at the ripe age of 26. Seriously. I get it. I'm an infuckingvisible ninja in the world. Never mind how many people are overweight in the fucking country, we're all invisible. Just ask the fashion industry since a size 8 is plus sized. And I can please just add that what looks good on Kate Moss will unequivocally not look good on my ass. And I'm so damn tired of seeing the same goddamn designs and trends in the big people section. Seriously, get the fuck over it designers. It. Doesn't. Look. Good. Ever.

All I wanted was a fucking winter jacket. I hate going top shopping at Lane Bryant's. See the last part of my rant. And I'm sorry that I don't fucking starve myself. SO glad I'm represented. This is why I hate shopping. Because there's nothing like making a customer like a goddamn waste of space to up confidence. It's just bad when the men's sections don't fit cause you've got DDs now.

So...Drano? Looks like a terrific option. Truly. Cause this was just the cake after being told I need to take meds cause I'm spilling protein in my urine and my kidneys need to be taken care of now. Fantastic. I'm 26 with a body of a fucking 65-year-old.

I'm sitting here trying to battle back tears, and my godmom coming in and shooting off places to try (that I've already TOLD her I marked off for good reasons) and not LISTENING to me when I say "No" doesn't help. Christ.

I'll take that Drano cocktail now.


11 October 2007

Rain, rain, come again today!

Holy cow. Okay, I don't know how many people are aware of the Atlanta drought going on. But Lake Lanier supplies the water for majority of the metro area, if not all, and we're 13 feet below. We're going down a foot a month. The boat ramps are pretty much on dry land now. In 3 months we could be without water for the most part. The lake is 38,000 acres, according to Wiki. Lanier spans four counties, at varying degrees, and until this summer was the place to go swimming. Not so much when you can see the rocks and pebbles on the bottom.

I've been worried for awhile now. Especially since it turns out that there are 700 spots in Atlanta that are overflowing thousands of gallons of water from the ground. That couple thousand is seriously needed. There's major bans going on, and no one's listening. I heard our apartment complex's sprinklers going at night. If they continue, I'm gonna have to tell someone. Because dude. Hello? 13 feet below average. We have enough water to serve 121 days in storage because we haven't been rained on for more than 30 minutes in a long ass time. We need a goddamn storm to come through and stay for a week. I'll drive in it. Fuck it. I'm more concerned with the water issues.

Watch the news report (if you have high speed) and see how bad it is. I haven't talked about it since Atlanta's pretty much always in a drought. The problem is they keep allowing developers to create these high rises. The city's water system is about 70 years out of date. Yes, you heard that right. 70 years. And adding 30 story highrises doesn't help. We don't need them first of all. Seriously, we don't. We're like the second city in foreclosures. We can't afford the 200k houses, what makes them think we can afford 500k?

When we lived downtown, we had a lot of water issues and it was running out then. That was in 2001. It's 2007 and nothing's really changed. Except the development. I'm really concerned cause the lake provides for something like 6 million people. And the corps are pulling the same amount of water to help endangered species. Look, I'm all for helping the fish species, really. But if it comes to me or the damn fish? Sorry, fishy. You'll make a fine meal instead.

Go team Georgia. Truly, your intelligence is inspiring. Just ask ole boy Sonny Perdue. You might know him as the Governor of Georgia. He's the same man that let his son use the official helicopter to get to games easy, back when we gas was so expensive.


Flunk It and Suck It

So, I have news kids. I haven't been around much due to extreme laziness, ignoring the world around me in an effort to not kill internet peoples (or bitches that drive snail slow in traffic hour), and being busy. But! As I said, I come with news. You see, today was my midterm. Oh, yes. That age old tradition that no one likes. I finished it in an hour or so, and got to sit in 6:30 traffic. Which, it's fabulous when it takes you 50 minutes to get home in 30 minutes in an offtime.

Anyway, as I was saying, my teacher told us he'd let us know what we got on our tests by 10pm tonight. Me, being the bored little bitch I am, checked around 8pm. And I found my midterm and overall grade.

Wait for it.

Keep waiting.

Hey, you're not done. Eat those English peas, since I sure as shit ain't.


98. I passed that test with a 98! In math! My doomable subject. I missed like one outta 40. Go team me. I was hoping for maaaaybe an 80. I got a 98 instead. I feel like stripping on a bar, except anyone with sense would turn away embarrassed and trying to control their gag reflex. But still! I'm so damn proud of myself, especially since I only studied for 3 hours last night. I've only gotten one bad grade in the entire class. The rest have been As and Bs. Making my overall grade, a 90.46. Hell yeah. I'm actually passing a math class. Damn shame I can't put it on my GPA.

I'm partying this weekend. Okay, that's a lie. But damn it, I'm gonna enjoy reading my books and pissing time away online.


06 October 2007

One Stop, Panty Drop

So, Pug Mom made a very fun meme. I'm calling it "One stop panty drop" (thank you, Christina).

The directions are as follows: "So what I propose is you all (me included) do a post on what men and/or women would force you to throw yourselves at their feet and go, "I'm available! Do me please! Please! Please!" Pictures are not a must, but would be very very welcome."

So, here's my list. Now it's not all of the people, but these are my panty droppers.

Justin Hartley

Oh my lord. Just...yes, please. I watched Passions for this man. Talk about some dedication.

Drew Fuller

Guh. Dark hair, light skin, and blue eyes? Hell yeah.

Eliza Dushku

Have y'all seen her in leather pants? Seriously? Her eyes are little off, but it makes her pretty in my eyes. She's got these strange features that just work for her.

Tom Welling

There's a reason why I watch Smallville, I think you all know why. He's ripped. Again dark hair and light eyes. (Okay, fine. There's some narcissistic tendencies I'm sure, since I have the Drew Fuller combo.) He seems to take SV fans in stride, and trust me. They make Harry Potter fans look fairly sane. That's some sad shit right there.

Julian McMahon

I just have...he's got the dark hair, but his skin tone and eyes make it pop more. He's not short (Sorry, but no short people for me. I'm short enough.) and that accent. I'm just that shallow, people.

Joanie Dodds

I don't even like blondes usually. But man, I watched her on America's Next Top Model, and she was hot. Flat out. She's got curves, where she doesn't look anorexic. And she was nice and sweet. Concerned about her teeth before ANTM paid to have them fixed.


04 October 2007

A worthwhile fanvid? No way!

Okay, kids. I'm gonna try this embedding thing, something I never thought I'd actually use. The fanvid (meaning a fan of Dr. Who made the video to a song) is quite impressive for what it is, and really, it made me like Ten for a minute. And that children takes some serious work cause I usually hate the motherfucker with the passion a thousand exploding suns.

For the record? Never seen any old Who. Have no desire. I have vague recollections from childhood and that's traumatic enough. I usually avoid Who fandom like the plague. I'm sorry, when you make Harry Potter fandom look sane, you got issssssssues. Those people created Cassandra Cla(i)re. But since I posted my geekiness in the last post, I figured it'd be all right to out myself in how geeky I truly am.


02 October 2007

What I really, really want!

I stole this from Misty Dawn, and the original source is Ten on Tuesday. I should state that I don't buy a season DVD that is more than 20 bucks. Except for one, which I'll mention in the list. And you'll notice that there's a specific genre that most fit in.

10 Television Shows You'd Like to Have (or Have already) on DVD

1. Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. I am a child of my generation. What can I say? But honestly that was one of the few shows in the late 90s that actually presented the fact teenagers aren't totally stupid. I have the first three seasons, I just need the last four. Wait? Eliza Dushku? Hot.

2. Angel, the series. Kinda goes with Buffy, since it's the spin-off. But it has Cordelia, who is one of the few women characters in the past decade I can honestly say I identified with. She's materialistic as hell, but has a huge heart and will kick your ass for messing with her family. She's who I would be on television.

3. Brothers and Sisters. I watched the show for the first time last Sunday, and oh my god. I love it! Tight writing, great acting, overall awesome appeal. And I'd like to be caught up.

4. Charmed. Okay, fine. The first three seasons anyway. I loved Prue so much. She was like Cordelia, but mature in a different way. She was a bitch and okay about. Would drop kick in a second for touching her sisters. Was willing to change her life when it was no longer working. Took care of what needed to be done.

5. Seaquest DSV. I don't care about the season where it was like 100 years into the future or something. That'd be about the time it jumped the shark. But I loved that they had a dolphin that could communicate. Brilliant.

6. Dark Angel. Season Two since I own the first. Why? Because it's my guilty pleasure. When I get upset, I can stare at the pretty, pretty man known as Jensen Ackles and pretend the plot doesn't suck by the second season.

7. Stargate SG-1. Okay, fine. I really only want seasons Six and Nine. I bought Ten the other day for 25, which was half off. I just love Vala so much. She's the kind of person I think I would be if I had grown up differently. Maybe not as flirty, but still the same kind of person. And characters drive me to love shows.

8. Farscape. Okay, so I technically "own" a few seasons, but I would love to actually have a physical copy for the seasons. Unfortunately they're hella expensive. Seriously. You get like 4 episodes a disc, and the prices can range from like 14-30 bucks. You can buy the seasons, but they're like 100 bucks. Er, no. I have to buy that in stages. But I would love to own them all. I haven't watched it consecutively because there is no point if I'll have to wait. But I will one day. And I like the extras. The entire boxed set, for all 4 seasons is 498.00 on Amazon.

9. Doctor Who. Okay, again. I only want Nine's season and Ten's first. I identified a lot with Rose, where I am emotionally now, and frankly, I could give two shits about Ten. I just liked her. And Nine just rocked hardcore. He kicked so much ass it's not even funny. Fantastic. Both sets are 133.64 on Amazon. See why it's in the wish list?

10. Smallville. Oh, kids. I hate to even admit I like the show. It's so bad. I don't do comics, so I don't compare to anything. But it's so cheesy. Sometimes, you need a lot of that. See Dark Angel. And Seasons Six brought me Justin Hartley. And well, have you seen Tom Welling's abs? Hell, yeah. Shallow McShallow here.

Honorable mentions would be Xena, Warrior Princess and Stargate Atlantis. I just loved Xena. Period. Even when it jumped like thousands of sharks. It was awesome watching Xena grow into herself. Stargate Atlantis had the first male lead I've liked in the past 15 years or so. Joe Flanigan's acting is awesome. As are what little the women are given to work with. I wouldn't buy it for myself but I like it nonetheless.


01 October 2007

Boobs! I got boobs for sale!

I had to get resized. I went from a 40D a couple years ago to a 44DD today. The lady thought I might be a DDD; luckily I wasn't. You know, I'll give at least one D's worth to someone that needs 'em. Seriously. Any takers? I was a B by the time I was 12, at the end of 5th grade. A D by 7th grade, and DDs by 10th-11th grade. I totally skipped training bras.