01 October 2007

Boobs! I got boobs for sale!

I had to get resized. I went from a 40D a couple years ago to a 44DD today. The lady thought I might be a DDD; luckily I wasn't. You know, I'll give at least one D's worth to someone that needs 'em. Seriously. Any takers? I was a B by the time I was 12, at the end of 5th grade. A D by 7th grade, and DDs by 10th-11th grade. I totally skipped training bras.



Anonymous Sue said...

I totally skipped training bras, too. It kinda sucked.

I actually went out bra shopping Saturday. Due to the weight I've lost in the past few months, the ones I had were too big. There's no place to go once you on on the smallest hooks.

So anyway, I went from a 38D to a 36DD. Yes! The weight loss hasn't affected by boobs all that much. Rock on!

But I'm still laughing about needing a double D.

I even had to text a friend about it. I'm such a dork. LOL!

6:42 AM  
Blogger Jessie said...

There's nothing like being 12 and having to wear the godawful bras your mama wouldn't want to weat, is there?

My bras gave up on Friday, and Saturday I was supposed to go but my godmom didn't feel good. So it waited a day. Those little hooks are usually useless for me.

It's kinda funny that you went down a teeny bit, but ended up DDs. *grins* I need to exercise one day. You know, when it's not a chicken with it's head cut off feeling.

*laugh* Well, at least you texted. I just told the world and sundry.

12:58 PM  

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