26 September 2008

I live!

Okay, I know it's been months and months. Sorry about that. But I've been mad busy with school (finished summer semester with a 3.0) and this semester I'm taking Astronomy with the lab. Which means physics. Which means I'm thoroughly fucked. But I haven't forgotten the place.

Other news, I'm now 27. Turned it on the 12th, and so far it's been a GOOD year. I've got my own apartment starting mid-October, which is awesome. It's 600 sq feet, shotgun style, and it's all mine until December 2009 (longer lease since I'll be in school). I've got to do some painting the first week, so I won't move in proper until the next weekend. It'll cost about 968, counting utilities. I'll have to pay for my phone and cable box (extended basic comes with the utilities, and wireless). It's a triplex of an old 1930s bungalow in the city.

Since I got my trust, I've gone a little crazy but I'm curbing it now. I got a better wardrobe, to get a job with. It's necessary to look nice. I refuse to discuss the buyout of Merrill Lynch by Fuck Me Over America. Refuse. And my main account for everyday is under threat, too. Fantastic. Really.

I went to Dragon*Con this year, but mostly used it as a vacation. I was so tired and sore I couldn't stand it. So I mostly slept. Saw a few famous people peeps. Went to a few interesting book panels.

Other than that, let's see. I'm working my ass off to get into Georgia State by spring. I hate our political choices this season and I'm not voting for either. I'm gunning for Mickey Mouse myself. I need to do absentee next week. Like I give fuck on who wins. We're fucked with the government spending either way.

Ooh, and before I forget, someone wants to date me. Hot damn. He's an IT guy - I think - at Emory and very nice. We'll see how that goes, but I hope it goes somewhere. He makes me smile a lot. And I get a giddy feeling when we talk or email. It's just...nice. He contacted me the same day I got the apartment. Hot damn.

I think that's all on the updates, well important ones anyway. Hopefully I'll be back fairly soon. I've been balls to the walls busy.

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