25 April 2008

*grumble grumble*

Fastest way to kill a crush?

Find out he's 20. And you're 26.

Damn it! I have a new rule. If under 25, everyone should be required to wear a damn age tag. He graduated high school...two years ago. I did eight years ago. *sigh* Age tags. I swear.

I don't date second graders.

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17 April 2008

Just Another Trying Thursday

This post will be short and sweet. You see, I have to get up and go to a mosque tomorrow for a school project. If I don't go to a different place of worship? I fail. I don't want to fail.

Now, onto my day. So I ordered my medicine before going to bed, but I have to wait because of they have to get the prescription refills. Fantastic. I was down my thyroid meds. This did not bode well for the day at hand.

I wake up at 12:30, after a whooping six hours (damn insomnia), and then drag my ass in getting ready for school until 2. And of course I must look my best because I can't look bad for CB. (More on CB in a minute.) So I get to Arby's for lunch before school. Eat in the parking deck at school. Go to get out of my car, have issues because apparently people don't understand that sedans need more than five inches on either side to open a door. So I get out as the guy next to me is coming to his car. Only, I have to drop my bookbag back in the car.

Out and waiting for him to go, I figure it's about time for CB to show up, so trying to not look like I'm looking for him. Then I try and open my doors. Then the other three. Of course, the doors are locked. Why not? Between bargaining with God and kicking the crap out of my car, I'm crying in frustration. For the record, I don't cry so I must have been upset. In between, I notice that CB gets to class. That does it.

After asking someone in the building I was supposed be going to class in if I could use their phone and getting declined ("No, I'm sorry. Try the security office.") I make my way to the Student Account office. (I was not walking to the security office, since I have to cross two lanes of school traffic to get there. Hell no.) I call my godmom, freaked out. I have to get the second set of keys, and they're with her. The problem? I have the only car between us. And it's hers.

So she has to get my mom to come bring them to me. And mom lives 20-25 minutes away from our house. In total, I wasted 1.5 hours. That means I missed my entire class because I had to wait outside to see her. Fantastic. No CB for me. So finally get into my car, thanks to mom driving forever, and have to show her how to get out. I go to Starbucks, because damned if I haven't earned it, and what do I find out? My Discover card is somewhere in the great blue yonder. Fine, I use my Capital One. The one I had earmarked for my tuition bill.

Finally I get to back to school, and the classroom door is locked. But CB ends up arriving, so fuck it. The door is unlocked like 30 minutes after I get there, and my prof shows up. (Poor middle-aged guy has kidney stones. Ow much?) I get a chance to ask CB about what I missed in the first class, since we have both the same Tuesday and Thursday class schedule. I tell him about why I wasn't there, and such. I learn he's noticed I drive a sedan (surprising because I didn't think he was paying much attention). This pleases me greatly.

CB stands for Catholic Boy. Crush that keeps on crushing harder. [CB's a Roman Catholic which explains the name. I know, right? I have the weirdest taste since I don't believe in the whole Jesus Our Lord part of Christianity.] It wasn't until like two weeks ago that I noticed he kept talking to me for stupid stuff, like he makes a point, and I'm going "hmmmmm" after I was vaguely jealous he asked about another girl in History. So not my typical type.

However, y'all know that movie The Cutting Edge? Verbal foreplay. He likes arguing. Gee, who else do you know that likes that? But he's still adorable. On Tuesday he was stealing looks in the computer lab. We were katty-kornered from each other, and I was busy drafting out a paper for Religions and he was doing a paper on The Ten Commandments for the same class. I had already done mine on The Ark of Truth, an SG-1 movie, because I'm that cool. Self-admitted geek, I told him so in History. Then he and another guy get into an argument about Star Wars. Yes. Star Wars. He lost all credibility about agreeing with my geeky assessment. That'd be about the time I wanted to plant one on him, but I'm not gonna in class. And I don't date classmates. Too much drama involved.

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03 April 2008

Because I Rock, Damn It!

This is why I kick all kinds of ass.

I don't have to take this bad boy. Basically, I had to go through some stupid, two semester wasting classes because of the placement exam. Woohoo? But it's one less test to deal with in a month. Go me, go me. It's the math portion I was in. How damn. I win.

Now to stop crying over Farscape's Peacekeeper Wars. Because dude. Bad-fucking-ass watching Aeryn Sun fire the weapons. What? Claudia Black is totally hot. As Aeyrn or Vala. And Ben Browder is fucking hot in leather. Yes, please.

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