06 February 2009

Meet Contessa!

This is Contessa, Tess or Tessa for short. She's a Dachshund mix mom adopted on Wednesday. She was born Jan 9, 2008 according to the adoption papers. Which means they probably made that up since she's a little over a year old. She is leash and potty trained. We pulled up and a volunteer was walking "Lilly" (their name didn't fit). Mom looked at her and said "I want him." It's a her, of course, but she's not pregnant and very loving. Wednesday I got tired after bringing her home and we took a nap for 1.5 hours. She and I were cheek-to-cheek. Apparently she's been looking for me since I left. (Aww!) We adopted her from the Georgia SPCA, which was about 5 minutes from my mom's house.

She enjoys playing in the freshly-cut grass. Later today we're gonna take her to the vet and then PetSmart to get some cute clothes since it's getting chilly here. Don't want her getting sick! She's on Blue Buffalo food, since it's highly recommended on not being grain based. We don't want her getting heavy like Wrinkles was. She still doesn't know what to do with beds and toys. Treats are kind of a hit or miss, mostly miss. But she found the Kong with little treats fairly entertaining Wednesday night. Tessa jumps on the bed from the floor, which is no small feat. Mom has high box springs and a nice padded mattress. She's doing so well. Glad I dragged Mama there now. She needs companionship. And Tess is a complete lapdog and shadow. No one gets out of her sight.

I can't wait to see her tomorrow. The picture quality sucks since all I had was my camera, but I'm taking my Rebel over tomorrow to take better pics. Tessa is an absolute doll. And smart! She rode in the back, without use teaching, her leash attached. We didn't have a crate since we thought we'd have to wait a few days. Not so much apparently.

There was an adorable Cocker/Beagle mix that I would have snatched up if I had a fenced in yard. He was only 4 months, but so cute! Eli was simply precious.

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02 February 2009

Damn it all to pupperoni!

Well, Gale is off.

You see, for some reason, in the time animal control had her...no one thought to, oh, I don't know, examine her, before placing her out for adoption. So it was quite a surprise that the dog had a pup last night. Right, you have the dog a week, that we know of, and you don't bother to examine it in that time? How the hell do you know they don't have rabies and stuff exactly, then?

If we want to wait on Gale, it'll be two months of my mom being in an even deeper funk. Gale was helping her get over Wrinkles, helping her feel better. Right. So, I wonder, do shelter workers even fucking EXAMINE the dogs? At all? Gale will be living in a foster home during that time and we'll have first choice. Yeah, dude. We've been this route. Mom lost another dog because of puppies through rescue. This is becoming a joke, I swear to god. I'm starting to think that the rescue system can go to hell with all the "unexpected babies." It's really easy - examine before placing. Seriously. Not difficult.

Now my mom feels like shit and I'm pissed off an angry. Fantastic.

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