02 February 2009

Damn it all to pupperoni!

Well, Gale is off.

You see, for some reason, in the time animal control had her...no one thought to, oh, I don't know, examine her, before placing her out for adoption. So it was quite a surprise that the dog had a pup last night. Right, you have the dog a week, that we know of, and you don't bother to examine it in that time? How the hell do you know they don't have rabies and stuff exactly, then?

If we want to wait on Gale, it'll be two months of my mom being in an even deeper funk. Gale was helping her get over Wrinkles, helping her feel better. Right. So, I wonder, do shelter workers even fucking EXAMINE the dogs? At all? Gale will be living in a foster home during that time and we'll have first choice. Yeah, dude. We've been this route. Mom lost another dog because of puppies through rescue. This is becoming a joke, I swear to god. I'm starting to think that the rescue system can go to hell with all the "unexpected babies." It's really easy - examine before placing. Seriously. Not difficult.

Now my mom feels like shit and I'm pissed off an angry. Fantastic.

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Blogger Pug and I said...

Geez, just, WOW. I completely don't get it - how hard is it to check the dog before placing it? I mean, that's EXTREMELY important. Do they want to get sued if they place a dog with rabies and the new owner gets bit? Obviously they don't care about their liability. Just, wow.
I feel bad for your mom - it hurts to get excited and then let down. Most especially when it comes to a pet. Maybe start looking around at breeders? It might be a little more expensive, but you're not going to go through this yo-yo. Good luck!

12:17 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

Yeah, that was my reaction, too. I mean. Dude. Can you NOT feel for puppies? Why are you checking it out AFTER it's about to get adopted? *sigh* This is not the land of logic for these people or something. She was so excited. Later today we're gonna go look at the SPCA at my mom's house today.

My mom tried to go to a breeder for a Havanese and that killed the desire. She couldn't get one because "she loved Wrinkles too much." No. Seriously. I didn't know you could love a dog too much.

2:10 PM  
Blogger Pug and I said...

Well, Wrinkles was her baby, wasn't she? I could understand not wanting to replace her. But having a new puppy around the house is always great. :)

Found any new prospects?

9:51 AM  
Blogger Jessie said...

Mom did find a dog. We brought her home yesterday. Tomorrow we take her to the vet. Her name is Tessa. I'll do a write up tomorrow. I hit my head earlier today and I have a migraine so HTML has to wait. But I have some fuzzy pics of her from my camera phone.

9:16 PM  

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