22 May 2008

Failboat Supreme

Okay, so let's discuss how STUPID my damn aunt is, shall we? Because she is dumber than dog shit. Actually, both of them. You see, I was expected to get my inheritance....oh, by now. But my aunt D (for Dummy) who wanted to buy one of the items is dragging her ass like whoa. She's flaky as hell, and a recovering alcoholic that analyzes everything to death. D, she's had thirteen months to decide. This is not a recent development. She still hasn't. So the rest of us are shit out of luck until she decides.

Now my other aunt who I'll call M (for Moron) is in charge of the trust. So what is she going to do? Wait until after this weekend to see how this latest sale went and then D will decide. Yeah. Because why not round that bitch up to fourteen months. It's not like some of us desperately need that money or anything. If D doesn't buy it, then they'll put it up for sale in November and distribute the money we have now. Yay? Look, y'all. I'm not a financial adviser or anything, but I'm pretty damn sure if someone hasn't bought the painting now, then it ain't gonna happen. It's gone up considerably in price, so let's sell and get the money. Stop letting D drag her feet.

This is why I don't talk to these people. I don't handle utter bullshit. And that's what this is. There's been trouble since this thing went into the family hands. I'm ready to roll up and go do some ass beating. Just saying. And passive-aggressive reactions is not cute, either. And I've received a couple of those in the emails.

I need a drink.

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13 May 2008

Schoool's Out...for Three Weeks!

Final Grades for the Semester:

Intro to Soc - A
Intro to World Religions - A
History I - B
Math 98 - B (not counted)

Overall GPA: 3.66

I made the Dean's List, bitches. Dean's List. I've never been on that, in all my years at college. And I pulled that out the past two or three weeks of the semester. I worked my ass off. I studied so hard. And I pulled out that. My mom is crowing and gonna brag to my uncle, whose kid was always on the Dean's List at GA Tech. Hell yeah. I'm smart.

I think that calls for a shopping spree in a couple weeks. I damn well deserve it.

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01 May 2008

Kiss. My. Ass.

You know it's bad when we make Detroit look well-organized. We have a mayor that's truly bad at math. She's horrible at it. Her proposed budget is so backwards it's pathetic.

Because jobs aren't important.
For once, I'm all for violence.
Short and sweet.
God, I hate this woman.

How the hell do you have a 140 million dollar shortfall? Look, I just passed my math retarded classes. If I can manage to see the major issues, then she damned well should. So to be a politician do you need to fail 3rd grade math?

We're in the top 10 for foreclosures. People can't afford a 300k condo, so what does people do? Keep the prices up when the cheaper homes are flooding the market. This is not NYC. It's not. We're a big town, but we're not that damn big. Lay off a ton of people, and those tax hikes will be even higher because of waves of barely making it people leaving the town. This is not difficult. People who are laid off can't afford the 40 million tax increase. Hello? God, the stupid is astounding. Someone needs to make her a Pie Chart of Doom, like the one that in the JKR vs RDR lawsuit. Christ on a battered and dipped cracker.

I'm seriously considering having my godmom not move into the city if prices are gonna skyrocket. It's not worth paying so much on a condo.

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