04 October 2007

A worthwhile fanvid? No way!

Okay, kids. I'm gonna try this embedding thing, something I never thought I'd actually use. The fanvid (meaning a fan of Dr. Who made the video to a song) is quite impressive for what it is, and really, it made me like Ten for a minute. And that children takes some serious work cause I usually hate the motherfucker with the passion a thousand exploding suns.

For the record? Never seen any old Who. Have no desire. I have vague recollections from childhood and that's traumatic enough. I usually avoid Who fandom like the plague. I'm sorry, when you make Harry Potter fandom look sane, you got issssssssues. Those people created Cassandra Cla(i)re. But since I posted my geekiness in the last post, I figured it'd be all right to out myself in how geeky I truly am.



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