11 October 2007

Flunk It and Suck It

So, I have news kids. I haven't been around much due to extreme laziness, ignoring the world around me in an effort to not kill internet peoples (or bitches that drive snail slow in traffic hour), and being busy. But! As I said, I come with news. You see, today was my midterm. Oh, yes. That age old tradition that no one likes. I finished it in an hour or so, and got to sit in 6:30 traffic. Which, it's fabulous when it takes you 50 minutes to get home in 30 minutes in an offtime.

Anyway, as I was saying, my teacher told us he'd let us know what we got on our tests by 10pm tonight. Me, being the bored little bitch I am, checked around 8pm. And I found my midterm and overall grade.

Wait for it.

Keep waiting.

Hey, you're not done. Eat those English peas, since I sure as shit ain't.


98. I passed that test with a 98! In math! My doomable subject. I missed like one outta 40. Go team me. I was hoping for maaaaybe an 80. I got a 98 instead. I feel like stripping on a bar, except anyone with sense would turn away embarrassed and trying to control their gag reflex. But still! I'm so damn proud of myself, especially since I only studied for 3 hours last night. I've only gotten one bad grade in the entire class. The rest have been As and Bs. Making my overall grade, a 90.46. Hell yeah. I'm actually passing a math class. Damn shame I can't put it on my GPA.

I'm partying this weekend. Okay, that's a lie. But damn it, I'm gonna enjoy reading my books and pissing time away online.



Blogger Sue said...

Sa-weeet! Congratulations on the great score!

7:07 AM  
Blogger Pug Mom said...

Awesome! And as a fellow math hater, I can appreciate how GREAT it is to get that good of a grade in that subject. Ick - math. It's evil, I tell ya - EVIL. Now that you've conquered math, you can rule the world! :) Tee hee hee.... or at least your kitty's world. :) She won't mind, I'm sure....

12:08 PM  
Blogger Misty Dawn said...

WooooooHooooooo - WAY TO GO YOU!!! I'm so freaking happy for you chickie! That is just awesome! If you were nearby, I'd throw a little party for ya... ok, it'd just be me, you, and the dogs - but they really know how to party ;-)

12:45 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

Sue, thank you! I about fell over when I read the score last night. I was all "Go team me!" The people around me are gonna be like "Don't gloat." HAH! Good luck on that shit.

Pug Mom, math is such bullshit man. Tell me when I'm gonna need to know the x- and y-intercepts. Seriously, now. We should be learning how to balance checkbooks. Practical math, peoples. Sadly, I need to finish this class out and then go through another non-GPA math class to get to real math. It's quite complicated.

I'm so not allowed to rule Noelle's world. I'll have my throat slit the minute I fall asleep. *grins*

Misty Dawn, thank you! I was impressed with myself. And hey, dogs know how to party! They love it. Just ask Brian from Family Guy. ;)

2:41 PM  
Anonymous Chelsa said...

Well said.

1:20 AM  

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