11 October 2007

Rain, rain, come again today!

Holy cow. Okay, I don't know how many people are aware of the Atlanta drought going on. But Lake Lanier supplies the water for majority of the metro area, if not all, and we're 13 feet below. We're going down a foot a month. The boat ramps are pretty much on dry land now. In 3 months we could be without water for the most part. The lake is 38,000 acres, according to Wiki. Lanier spans four counties, at varying degrees, and until this summer was the place to go swimming. Not so much when you can see the rocks and pebbles on the bottom.

I've been worried for awhile now. Especially since it turns out that there are 700 spots in Atlanta that are overflowing thousands of gallons of water from the ground. That couple thousand is seriously needed. There's major bans going on, and no one's listening. I heard our apartment complex's sprinklers going at night. If they continue, I'm gonna have to tell someone. Because dude. Hello? 13 feet below average. We have enough water to serve 121 days in storage because we haven't been rained on for more than 30 minutes in a long ass time. We need a goddamn storm to come through and stay for a week. I'll drive in it. Fuck it. I'm more concerned with the water issues.

Watch the news report (if you have high speed) and see how bad it is. I haven't talked about it since Atlanta's pretty much always in a drought. The problem is they keep allowing developers to create these high rises. The city's water system is about 70 years out of date. Yes, you heard that right. 70 years. And adding 30 story highrises doesn't help. We don't need them first of all. Seriously, we don't. We're like the second city in foreclosures. We can't afford the 200k houses, what makes them think we can afford 500k?

When we lived downtown, we had a lot of water issues and it was running out then. That was in 2001. It's 2007 and nothing's really changed. Except the development. I'm really concerned cause the lake provides for something like 6 million people. And the corps are pulling the same amount of water to help endangered species. Look, I'm all for helping the fish species, really. But if it comes to me or the damn fish? Sorry, fishy. You'll make a fine meal instead.

Go team Georgia. Truly, your intelligence is inspiring. Just ask ole boy Sonny Perdue. You might know him as the Governor of Georgia. He's the same man that let his son use the official helicopter to get to games easy, back when we gas was so expensive.



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