06 October 2007

One Stop, Panty Drop

So, Pug Mom made a very fun meme. I'm calling it "One stop panty drop" (thank you, Christina).

The directions are as follows: "So what I propose is you all (me included) do a post on what men and/or women would force you to throw yourselves at their feet and go, "I'm available! Do me please! Please! Please!" Pictures are not a must, but would be very very welcome."

So, here's my list. Now it's not all of the people, but these are my panty droppers.

Justin Hartley

Oh my lord. Just...yes, please. I watched Passions for this man. Talk about some dedication.

Drew Fuller

Guh. Dark hair, light skin, and blue eyes? Hell yeah.

Eliza Dushku

Have y'all seen her in leather pants? Seriously? Her eyes are little off, but it makes her pretty in my eyes. She's got these strange features that just work for her.

Tom Welling

There's a reason why I watch Smallville, I think you all know why. He's ripped. Again dark hair and light eyes. (Okay, fine. There's some narcissistic tendencies I'm sure, since I have the Drew Fuller combo.) He seems to take SV fans in stride, and trust me. They make Harry Potter fans look fairly sane. That's some sad shit right there.

Julian McMahon

I just have...he's got the dark hair, but his skin tone and eyes make it pop more. He's not short (Sorry, but no short people for me. I'm short enough.) and that accent. I'm just that shallow, people.

Joanie Dodds

I don't even like blondes usually. But man, I watched her on America's Next Top Model, and she was hot. Flat out. She's got curves, where she doesn't look anorexic. And she was nice and sweet. Concerned about her teeth before ANTM paid to have them fixed.



Blogger Sue said...

I am only with you on Julian. Mmm. Lurves me some Julian McMahon. Loved him in Charmed. Loved him in The Profiler. Oh yes. Yes. *blushes* Wait. Where was I?

Oh yes. My list would be very different from yours. I posted my A-list once before. And I'm kind of over it. Got my eyes on just one person right now. ;)

11:05 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

Julian. Dude, he made Cole into a hot ass. Hell yeah, he did. I looooove to listen to him speak. Mmmmm. Did you know he was on Another World, too? I learned that when I looked him up on IMDB one day. I don't remember him, but I was young when he was on probably.

*laugh* My list is pure eye-candy. I have to admit. Tom's abs? DAYUM! That boy is *ripped*. And Hartley? Guh. I love his voice, too. He's got a deepish voice, sounds male, exudes maleness. *watches panties melt off* Oops!

My list changes as time does. 10 years ago, Drew Barrymore would have been on that list. 5 years ago, Charmisa Carpenter would have been on it.

I know who you got on your list. *grins* It took me a minute to realize who that person was on your new home. But I got it.

11:49 PM  
Blogger Pug Mom said...

Totally agree with you on the list-changing-as-years-go-by. And as much as I adore Tom Welling, I just can't see myself banging him - he just exudes goody-goody-ness (in the show, anyway). Which is un-bangable (which reminds me, I just woke up from my sleep-in Sunday nap, and I realized I had a very frustrating sex dream with Tom Welling. Yeah. And I was a crazy fan in it. I'm SO not a crazy fan type person. I'm embarrassed now. :)

I think I should give honorable mentions to two other guys, who are quite hot as well - Oded Fehr (The Mummy - the hot hot hot Egyptian guard/horseman/something... look him up), and....I hate to mention this, but.... Kevin Richardson (from the Backstreet Boys - the only guy who should be a model instead of in a cheesy boy band?). Yeah. I had a MAJOR crush on him when I was 10. MAJOR. I still think he's one hot fella for being in a boyband. Seriously - have you seen that DEFINED jawline and cheeks? WOW. Just wow.

12:53 PM  
Blogger Nancy said...

ut-ohhh, I am so old, I could have given birth to any of those on your list.
Thanks for helping me with Sunshines contest and, you are too funny "take the ninja out of my kitty" LOL!

7:01 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

Pug Mom, I wouldn't keep him. I'd give him back to his "wife." ("Wife" cause I have no idea what they're really married. I don't know how much I trust SV fen, man.) Tom's good for romp, then cut that line. What can I say? And you can't be a crazy person unless you bring a Smutbox to Michael. Just saying.

Oded was hot in the Mummy movies, I must admit. And oh my god. You liked Kevin?!! You know he left BSB, right? Like flew the coop over a year ago. I can't forgive him for that skirt he wore. That black and white one. No, just no. I can't. Nope. BSB was my first boyband I liked, but I ended up liking Nsync more. I thought about Justin on the list for a minute and then went, "Wait. Nope. He's kinda an asshole."

8:39 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

Nancy, well, you know. I forgot about George Clooney. But you know, kinda old still. I have a thing about men 10 years or older. Adorable, but not hot.

And no problem with the contest. *laugh* Free shit never a bad thing. The bad part? "Take the ninja out of my kitty" didn't even strike me as naughty until I was reading over the comment. Methinks I've been corrupted.

8:45 PM  
Blogger Pug Mom said...

Yep - Kevin. I liked Kevin. I stand by that statement. :)
As for Justin Timberlake, oh, don't get me started. That man exudes "asshole-ness", and I've heard enough horror stories about his diva-tude that any attractiveness he may have had has long been obliterated from my mind. My BF likes to tease me whenever any Justin song comes on MTV or the radio - "Oh, look! It's your favorite man in the entire world!" God, can't stand that stuck-up little prick. :) Okay, that's enough. You might be able to tell that I have strong feelings regarding the subject... ha ha ha ha....

2:13 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

I was always afraid Kevin's eyebrows were going to fly away. I'm just saying.

And Justin. Well, I think after reading this expose on Lou Perlman in Vanity Fair? I totally understand what the fuck is wrong with the kid. Seriously, dude. Perlman? Sexual predator. And with Justin being all of 14 when joining. That'd fuck anyone's shit up. It's pretty good when people openly know he's a predator. Plus, I'm pretty sure Lynn, Justin's mom, was very Lynne Spears in that she pushed into it. It's the parent's responsibility to check people out before signing. Just saying. And after reading his Rolling Stones interview a couple years ago, and listening to Lynn pull a La Lohan. Living out her dreams on his coattails.

3:30 PM  
Blogger Pug Mom said...

That's true - I totally forgot about Perlman. Scary - SO scary. I was looking at his picture and thinking, "Dude, if this guy came onto me and made me do things.... well.... I'd either get someone to kill him or I'd spend the rest of my days locked up in a cushioned room rocking back and forth."

5:13 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

Perlman was terrifying! I used to watch him and just cringe and feel dirty afterwards. You could tell he had other issues. Like he always screamed pedophile, as in liking prepubescent boys. I never understood why parents let them sign with him.

I wouldn't get someone to kill him for me. As I said to another friend, "Had it been my kid? His sorry hide? Would have been hanging on my wall like a goddamn zebra or elk." Because he'd be deader than a buffalo wing during half time of the Superbowl. I'd stab him in the dick and pull it off. Slowly. Just saying.

I never thought I'd say this but I actually respect Jane Carter for something. I wonder how many of the boybanders were exposed. I think, honestly, that's part of Justin's problems. You get exposed to that, cause Mama can't be every where at every time, and it'd fuck you up. Cause damn. I wanna shot him now.

Or give his ass to some gangbangers at the rough prison. See how long he lasts.

9:13 PM  
Blogger Sue said...

I did not know Julian was on Another World. Then again, if I knew that would mean I've been watching soaps and homegirl doesn't do that.

Oooh, voices...yesh, yesh. Deep, sexy, manly voices. Can I just say how much I love hearing voices on the other end of the phone? Mmmm.


7:10 AM  
Blogger Jessie said...

Yes! He totally was. I was in shock when I learned that. I was all "o.O". Soaps seem to bring some hella hot people. Hello, Jensen Ackles.

Yes! I don't wanna hear *my* voice coming out of a man, damn it. Rumbley is better.

*is totally not jealous you hear manly, deep, sexy voices on the phone. Really*

2:32 PM  
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