16 July 2007

Save Us! Save Us!

So, does everyone remember Jenny? Well, she's baaaaack. She lives here now. I know, scary. Not with me, hell no. But with her sister's ex upstairs. Her kids, too. I think. I didn't speak to her, Mama did. So, that's my news. White trash is moving in. Is moved in, I guess.

Thank god we're looking at condos now. We're so better off. Although, I've considered homocide multiple times. Between the bossy real estate agent and my godmom's "I'll look at the condo flyers when I'm done" that the agent sends to us. Because apparently I don't have a life and don't need to do other stuff.

Oh, and my former best friend? Has been emailing once a day. Oh, joy. Lucky me!

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Blogger Augs Casa said...

It just gets better and better don't it. I hope you find your condo fast. I hate to see you on the 6pm news.

4:06 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

Oh, my godmom decided that we're firing that agent. See, my idea is to look online for properties because we know we want, and can help her get an idea that way. I found a couple on Craiglist, listed by agent, and sent that to her. A nice little polite note, right? I told that I didn't have the MLS because it wasn't listed. Her reply, "You're just making my job harder." She also told us to up the price in the areas we want. Lady, it's your job. You're supposed to look, not me.

I'm sorry. My mom? Is your client. We've put with a lot of crap from this lady, but this flipped my godmom's switch to "bitch, please" mode. So. We're looking at someone else. Flo, the agent in question, was all "You don't want to live here. Or here." And was picking out the condos for herself. Like, telling us why it wouldn't work, even though she doesn't know us. All the stress made my godmom sick and that's why I crashed Sunday. We're better off with someone competent.

4:11 PM  

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