02 February 2008

Run By Posting

I passed my math test with a 90. Not bad for me. Woohoo. Must find out Socio test grade. Skipped Wednesday. Vomiting snot will do that to a person. Also am on antibiotics so I'm not death warmed over. More like death slightly reheated.

I'm on antibiotics. In case you're wondering why that's on twice, it's because they make me feel like my insides are trying to crawl out of my skin. It's a tad...different. My mom's sick, though. I'm playing her nursemaid now. Not too bad, really.

My stupid history team! Seriously, people, it cannot be that hard to clarify what you mean when you give me a freaking subtopic: "changes in Japanese-Chinese writing until 1500." Yes, because that's helpful! I have no info for them, even though they have mine. Grah. WTF, people? Contact information is essential when the presentation due Feb 7th is 20% of our grade. I want at least a B damn it. THREE hours looking for books in the Georgia university library system, and most of them aren't at my campus. I kinda hate these people now.

Also, I have to read at least 59 pages in Socio by Monday. Read 20 pages for Religion by Tuesday. Make up a stupid brief summary thing using the Chicago style - which, let's side bar and ask who the everloving crap uses that style exactly? And how do you make it function?! - about a book I haven't read yet because the library just got it. So you know, I'll be perusing Google and looking to see what the book is about. Yeah. Dude. I also have to read about 20-30 pages for History for our regular classes and make a freaking summary for extra credit, but I might skip it. Because fuck it, my plate is full.

All that by Tuesday for the most part. Good lord almighty.

I haven't read up on everyone's posts, but I hope Sue's mom is fine, and that everything turns out awesome for the family. Excuse me, I need to go read a ton of work now. I'll be back when the world starts spinning on it's southeastern axis that hasn't been discovered yet.

But! Before I go, I need to do a quick little woohoo for a writer. I've been really impressed with her work, and you'll see the name attached to my sidebar of websites. Eileen Wilks is on Kelley Armstrong level with me. Which, is like, I don't know walking up with the writer gods in my estimation. She's just that good. I could see the worlds meshing in some in-between alt world and working. Because the writing is that detailed and just. Grah. Awesome. Eileen writes werewolves, which, YAY, because I'm not a big vampire fan. I love werewolves more. And she's such a nice writer. She's not pretentious on the 'net, very down to earth and pays attention to what the readers say. That's a very good gift to give readers, because it makes them want to read and absorb everything said. I have Night Season sitting on my nightstand to read Thursday night. Even if it's gonna kill me to wait that long. Just. Yes.

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Blogger Pug & I said...

Ugh. School really does suck badly sometimes. It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fact that we're spending hundreds (in my case thousands) just to be there. And I really think there is something fundamentally wrong with our educational system - we're not really learning anything that'll help us in our future job. I'm in law school, and I'm planning to be a lawyer, but even law school is HARDLY helpful. Most everything we do is read, read, read some more, read, read, read..... and no one ever tells you, "Hey, guess what? This, this right here you should learn because you'll be using it after law school all the time." Gah. Okay, rant over.

And I'm sorry you're still sick - really hope you feel better soon. :) And are the antibiotics messing you up because of the medicine for diabetes you're taking? Or is it just the antibiotics? I hate taking many different medications, because if I feel ill, I have no idea which one is causing it, or if it's an interaction between them. Blah.

11:49 AM  
Blogger Eileen Wilks said...

Jessie, I dropped by to see if your blog explained the broke-brain-atm comment you left in my Shoutbox (Shoutbox is way handy, but you have to condense things so much--I figured you'd just left out some of the explanatory bits) and found you'd said all those lovely things about me here. I'm all a-blush. Thanks.

Sadly, I know nothing about changes in Chinese and Japanese writing prior to--what was it? 1500?--so you're on your own there. :-/

1:46 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

Pug Mom,

Luckily I'm not spending my money this go round. Go, go Pell Grants! But yes, it does suck because I have paid in the past. With like next to nothing to actually afford it and you get the crappiest stuff. I didn't study too hard today. The tilting axis was a sign maybe I was doing too much taking care of my mom, too. I don't see why I need to know why we stick to one area of learning, either. But that's just me. *points to South America* Hey, History Curriculum people, they got a section too! Sheesh.

The antibiotics thing is mostly an all my life effect. I don't know why, either. It's really weird, though. I literally spend the first four days or so ready to morph into some super duper weird beasty. Kinda like having a period, but without the bitchy and more with the WTFy. I'm only on four meds at the moment (only four...ha! I was on none for like 10 years. Oh, those were the days) and I hate adding more. I'm so careful with what I have to take. It's kinda funny, really. In a not funny way.

4:17 AM  
Blogger Jessie said...


Hi! I hadn't expected to see you here. *grins* Shoutbox. I like that name better than what we used to call them around 2000-2001, which was Tag Boxes. All the cool boyband fangirls had them. So of course I did too. It was a way to interact with the people that visited without having to answer a lot of emails. And believe me, we were a lazy bunch about emails.

Everything I said was true. I truly love the work you do, and the fact you're so down-to-earth. Some authors get online and turn into weird divas that make me run and hide, and make me leery of reading authors blogs, but yours doesn't. It feels like a home, yeah? (Don't mind the British, apparently I forgot I'm Southern.) Before I knew anything about you, I sent a friend of mine the first Lupi book as part of her birthday package because of what you can do with the worlds. The package was you, MaryJanice Davidson, and Kelley Armstrong. Y'all represented the best of light reading (I say light, because she's in grad school, and eesh, she's working like a draft horse during Christmas) and she can reread them time and time again, learning something new. And the difference from the original short story and Tempting Danger is fascinating because you see the similarities, but it's like diverging paths. Kinda like the episode of SG-1, Ripple Effect.

I think the best thing you do as a writer is have such individual characters. Everyone has their own path, even if they intertwine, it's for different reasons. Cynna isn't Lily isn't Grandmother type thing. Just like Cullen isn't Rule isn't Benedict.

Succinctly put: you rock at what you do, and who you are. And I rarely give non-backhand compliments, but you deserve them.

And don't worry. I can't help with my history homework either. This is what happens when I'm not in control of a group. Tomorrow night, I'm going to type up a bunch of different stuff, print it out, give it to the person doing the powerpoint part of the presentation on Tuesday. Because Tuesday is voting day, and it's gonna be looong day for me, so I can't afford to attempt to catch up with classwork that night. Tuesday night is for Wednesay's assignments. ;)

4:33 AM  
Anonymous Eileen said...

Hi, Jessie! I didn't really drop off the face of the earth--just seems like it. I've been playing with my imaginary friends (aka characters) a lot the past few days, and it makes me, um, strange. I was thirty minutes late getting to a friend's house last night, for example, because I completely lost track of time.

I DID know what day it was, however, which is not a given. I recently lost track of what SEASON I was in, which was just embarrassing when I said something about it . . . . but my characters were experiencing July, you see, not winter.

All of which is to say that all writers are a bit nuts. We manage our insanities in different ways, some of them more obvious than others. My agent complimented me once for something she considered unusually sane and balanced for an author, and my secret reaction was, wow. Got her fooled.

The diva types are nuts in a particular way: they ace denial. They don't have doubts, oh, no. (My own doubts are far too noisy for this to work for me, you see.) But to keep all those doubts locked out takes a lot of energy, and some of that energy leaks, resulting in an inflated head. ;-) So the results are off-putting, but I sympathize with the underneath stuff, the writer who has no idea why what she does works, and worries that one day it won't work anymore.

So next time I'm in that unhappy place where all I hear is my doubts, not my characters, I'll drop by your blog and reread what you said. It helps, oh, yes, it does. Thank you.


11:12 AM  
Blogger Jessie said...


*grins* No worries. I just assumed you were doing what you love. Mostly creating awesome havoc for those characters of yours. Speaking of which, Night Season kicked so much ass it was unbelievable. I'm so loving Cynna and Cullen. And Gan! Gan. You surprised me with that bit. And I'm pretty hard to surprise in books. If you were here, you'd probably end up with just out of the oven cupcakes. With sprinkles.

And speaking of imaginary characters, at least yours aren't shape-shifting chickens. Not that my childhood one was like that. At all. Yours are all hot intelligent people, which is infinitely better.

Well, on the high side of the day/season thing, it's kinda hard to forget it's winter, even where you are I suspect. And you weren't lost. You were just enjoying the anticipation of warm weather again is all since you know it'll be awhile down here. Thirty minutes isn't late, either. It's just making a memorable entrance. ;)

I think anyone with a creative mind is nuts, honestly. Because you try and balance the everyday necessaries with the world that your mind enjoys creating so much. It's probably something close to being in a dual-nature: you have to appease both without sacrificing for either one or it leaves you unhappy. Because sides are part of what makes you whole.

Oh! The diva type writers are Cassie Claire! Ahaha! See, now I understand. Harry Potter fandom relates to everything, I swear. But I do wonder how someone doesn't have doubts. Isn't life just one big ever-changing doubt? I mean, every time we figure something out, it evolves into something entirely foreign. I don't understand that logic. Because if you're so sure of yourself and your talents, to the point that no doubts creep in, then how are you growing as human, much less a creative person?

Anyone that can create what you do is worth the compliments. Remember that, too.

8:47 PM  

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