12 February 2008

Random fact of the day

Before I was diagnosed with diabetes, I was scared shitless of thunderstorms. I don't mean little rainy ones, but like the rolling thunder and lightning strikes half a mile way types. And I will curl under the covers in my bed, with a book, pretending it's not happening to this day. That's my version of what I did when little, and used to hide in the closet. In our old trailer, I had built a specific place in all my junk to protect me from the scary stuff, and I could give a sliver of light from the opening sliding closet door to read with. Every house had a safe place in the closet for me, no matter how cluttered or disorganized it was. This is the first place to my knowledge that doesn't have one.

I also slept in closets when scared or really upset until I was about 20-21. If I was panicking, or felt like I needed to be protected, I would sleep in them, no matter the size. Tubs, too. What's funny is usually don't like tight spaces, but sometimes they made me feel better.

I kind of which I still did that. I miss feeling safe.

And I'm still half-scared of the dark. I always have a low reading lamp type deal on at night. Even at 26.



Blogger Nancy said...

I love thunder storms!

Especially to fall asleep to.

2:12 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

I can't stand them. I wish I had some room in my closet now with the bad weather we had last night. Tornado watch and warnings. And of course my dumbass had to go to the grocery store then.

I like the smell afterwards. The cleanliness.

8:12 PM  

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