24 February 2008

Politics and Gender: The Blown Up Recipe

Ironic, really, that I've never noticed the misogynist slant of the media until a woman ran for President. Personally, as a woman, I don't believe anything that comes from EITHER candidates mouth. I did vote for Clinton, though. Because, silly me, at least I'm realistic enough to believe that Obama is too green, too fevered, too ambitious to actually do any good. Do I think Hillary would best? Absolutely not. Do I think she'd better than her opponent? Absolutely. This will be my third election to vote in, and I've missed *one* primary. I've made all the other ones. Even the crappy local ones. And I have to go across the county to do it since I'm registered at my father's house.

I'm not new to this idea of voting. I did not fall off the turnip truck. But for some reason, it seems like the media will pick up and slam a woman harder than a man, no matter if it's a presidency primary or a schoolteacher.

For once, outside speaking about Bush's rule, I'm ashamed to be American. Because if you're a female, you better prepared to be scrutinized down to the number of dogh airs on your suit, and if you're male, well you're lauded. At least in this race. More's the pity, too.

Instead of looking for things to attack because nothing else is available, how about you find something REAL to complain about? Something that's not over words, but actions?

Hey, America, here's an idea: grow the fuck up, get over your goddamn iPods, and figure out a way to repair what's messed up for everyone in the next four years. And, please, for the love of God, stop fanpoodling! This is not the cute boy next to you in chemistry, or the hottie from the latest string of movies. It is not that light-hearted. Look, assholes, I hate to say this, but it needs to be said: the next four years depends on more than "he looks good in a suit!" or "she's got that cool school marm thing going on." Seriously. Just shut the fuck up, and start paying attention.

Comments off this post because I try my damnest to avoid politics in this blog. Mostly because it's a hot button issue and I'm not going to argue, since compromises never arises from discussion of it. But I'm so damn tired of reading everything being against one candidate because she's female. And before you ask, just click on most articles and read them, and see that any action she takes is being held against some god-like standard, while he's gotten more people spouting off about him because he's young. Guess what, everyone was young once and youth rarely leads to extensive helpful experience.

I've never thought of myself as some disadvantaged. I've been raised not to. After all, I'm not in a racial minority. Except looking around, it's been depressing as hell to notice that for all the strives my foremothers have made, I'm still not quite equal. And sometimes I wonder if I ever will be. History sure as shit is showing it's unlikely. After all, how often has Aristotle been quoted about women, and how often has it been implemented? Too many to count. And that's a crying shame. Aristotle's the man that created some of the very foundations we still use today. So how far have we really come in giving the other 50% the rights they deserve in the same way the other 50% does by luck?

(The quote, for those that are unaware goes like this: "A woman is, at it were, an infertile male. She is female in fact on account of a kind of inadequacy." There is also one on marriage that again places the wife in a very low position. "The association between husband and wife is clearly an aristocracy. The man rules by virtue of merit, and in the sphere that is his by right; but he hands over to his wife such matters as are suitable for her.")

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