06 February 2008

Dun Dun Dun.

I voted earlier. Of course I did. I may be cynical about the political system, but my family has the saying of "you don't vote, you can't bitch" and damn it, how can you not bitch about the political system. I got up extra early (read: before noon), went and voted, had an hour to kill so I enjoyed my lunch before heading to school extra early (read: 1.5 hours). I got a lot done.

So after history, my group is going to the library, right? And dude, just dude. I'm the only one that's done any research. Our presentation? Due on Thursday. I was so damn pissed. But! I was done so they got to research while I relished in watching them figure out how when I already had. Go me, go me. Of course, I think they're using Wiki, so you know, I worry about my grade. However, whatever dude. I did it. That's all I give a flying shit about. They have to put the presentation together anyway.

Now, I go to bed. Since mama's sick, she finally decided she's had enough of the plague and tomorrow I'm going to try and get her a doc appointment. She can't even sit up without dying of coughs. So you know. Then I go to class. Go me.

Before I head to bed, I need to finish out my chapter of Night Season. I should be reading my Sociology book, but damn that thing is boring. Tomorrow I finally figure out what I made on the test last Monday, too. Oh! And we watched the video about KoKo the other day. I already knew just about everything. I love getting the chance to be smug. ;)

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Blogger Pug & I said...

I hate when people don't do their research - well, when they're in my group. Sometimes I've ended up doing everything myself just because I wanted an A so badly. I mean, during all of undergrad I was able to pull off getting A+s. I only got 1 B in my entire undergrad career. So you can imagine the things I had to to do when we had group projects and everyone was a lazy ass. Yep. Lots of work for me. But hey, I'm sure if they're horrible you can tell (and show) the teacher that you did your work and they obviously didn't do theirs. Usually they tend to be quite understanding about it (I speak from experience, here) :)

12:54 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

Well, the plus side was that that it went off really well. I did my research and it looks like at least three others did ours. I'm not sure about the youngest female (who apparently thought I was terrible for not instantly linking Obama to JFK, or believing it). I did my shit, though. That's all I care about. I'll probably change topics for the paper portion, since Japanese is covered, I think. One of the guys is half, and the others are all of Asian decedent. I'm the odd woman out, being Irish for the most part. And the guy that did the powerpoint (Japanese dude) just have to show the powerpoint and I'd lose any argument, really. Because they were handpicked, and I was just a necessary addon by the teacher. (Groups had to be 5 people at least.) I still think my teacher is off his damn rocker for that since this isn't graduate school, but a freaking junior college.

6:37 PM  

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