29 January 2008

I hate you Winter! Hateeeeee!

I'm sick. I hate being sick. Why? Because I turn in a whiny bitch that would make Kanye cry in shame. Yeah. Exactly. And I had not one, but two tests today. I blew off studying for the math. But the sociology. Oh, the soc. Dude, if you're gonna write a review, you might wanna PUT IT ALL ON THERE. I'm just saying. Good lord. Half the test was on research methods and he took a grand total of 15 minutes to cover that in class.

Oh, class. Okay, we've been in school roughly 3 weeks. Since the 7th. And out of the six or so classes: we've had the first day where you don't learn anything, two days of a movie, and one day of review. Now, that would sound like a lot of class time. But that leaves a whooping two days of discussion of an entire chapter. And they're not done not back to back, but in between the other things. Yeah, exactly.

Dear teachers,

The electronic age is not your babysitter. Okay? Got it? Good. If I'm paying, or the Pell Grant's paying, an assload of money for me to attend, I would actually like to learn something.

No love,
Your irritated student.

My religions teacher is same damn way. I have major education rant coming up when I'm not hacking up a lung and kidney while discharging snot at an alarming rate.

Now I'm going off to bed. I'm tired, damn it. And my eyes hurt. And I can't take a damn thing over counter because I can't have antihistamines, and Mucinex DM puts me out for at least 12 hours. Oh, yeah. This is gonna be a fun battle. I also can't take cough medicine. Gag reflex. I took phenobarbital as a child, and I physically can't swallow liquid medicine anymore. The aftertaste would be something like mixing Robotussin and tequila. Yeah, imagine that for a kid 11 months to 6 years. It was fantastic, lemme tell you.


I'm going to crawl in my hole and die now. Night everyone.

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Blogger Pug & I said...

Aww! Hope you feel better soon - and that it doesn't drag out into a long week/2 week/more week flu. That would suck horribly. Take echinacea - it's a herb, and I usually take it as soon as I feel I'm getting sick, and it does help with the symptoms. You can find it at any GNC and probably your local WalMart. Keep us updated!

10:59 AM  
Blogger Jessie said...

I'm still sick. I had to take two days off the computer, because I couldn't see. I went to the doc earlier, got some meds and such. I've been using Ricola cough drops the past two days, and they have echinacea in it. Right now I'm going to go pass back out. Meds combined with busy schedule make sleepy time.

12:03 AM  

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