01 December 2007

Rome on the range

I decided to buy Rome, instead of the mini series I wanted, because it was only 31.99 a season. (Never mind the woman behind the curtain waving away the fact she hasn't actually seen the show before, ever.) Now, that's way over my usual budget of 20 bucks, but it's normally a 100 a season and I like being thrifty. Anyway, I buy it, all excited because, hey, I could have like 30 new episodes or so to watch. Only, not so much. You see, season 1 has a whopping 12 and season 2 has 10. Why? Because HBO and the BBC's dumbasses don't know how to cut corners on budget and a 100 million a season is a bit much on budget.

And the networks explains so much, since both of the companies have really expensive priced DVDs. I mean, look at the Dr. Who. One season is around 80 bucks. Dude, if I had 240 dollars, I'd be buying a lot more inexpensive ones. Of course, I wouldn't buy anything without Rose, so what the hell do I care, but still. It's a major rip off. It makes a huge profit margin for the networks. Because it does not cost that much to make a DVD, or they would not be on sale regularly for like 15 bucks a season. Just saying.

That said...Amazon is having ONE HELL of a DVD sale. In the past week, I've bought 2 seasons of Charmed, two of Rome, and the movie Labyrinth for 97.95. That sounds like loads, right? But it's really not. Because normally, they would be 294.86. That's a massive difference. I'm telling you, I bargain shop so well. I will have loads to watch on vacation, if it all gets here in time. If not, I can take my Charmed ones, which I've seen but it's about a year, on vacation. Go me, go me.



Blogger Kali said...

Tchah! You are clearly muddled in your head. It's all about the Robin Hood! ROBIN HOOD!!!

Well actually, it's all about the character Guy of Gisborne IN Robin Hood, but let's not split hairs... *grin*

Haven't watched Rome yet, any good?

11:48 AM  
Blogger Jessie said...

*laugh* Tarina tells me I should watch Robin Hood, and I will after the new season is over. I just need to wait so I can watch the 26 a good bit later. I have to finish getting through Brothers and Sisters season one. Oops.

Is Guy the one that goes shirtless? A lot? Because she loves to watch that. *laugh*

And I don't know about Rome yet, since I haven't seen it before. It's about as long as two British seasons, though. Sad what you know from watching Ten act like a dick. *grins* But I have seen the first episode and it's very well done. I think it was the first one, "The Stolen Eagle" anyway. It had tight writing, and that's a welcoming thing in today's reality television world.

And hey, if the WGA strike lasts long enough, I can watch Robin Hood while I wait for the scripts to be shot.

7:21 PM  

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