20 December 2007

It's a snow time...

I have so much bullshit to write about my vacation from Hell, live and in stereo. Kinda, sorta. Okay, maybe not. But the point is that in the next couple days it'll be posted. I'm trying to catch my breath, since we've gone from WTFland to GTFOville back to WTFland so often that I'm seeing internet terms in my sleep.

But! There was one awesomely bright spot. Ninja Kitty loves and adores me right now. Actually, more than that, really. After being gone a week, she's keeping a close eye on me. Making sure I'm not leaving her again. Which, of course, I won't. Not until Spring Break (more will be explained on that in the long post of doom). Speaking of which, Misty Dawn, could you post the cut tags for Blogger? I know Livejournal's (who are now owned by a Russian company...haha! We ran SixApart's dumbasses out), but this isn't the same one. Though, I think Brad works over on this company now.

I missed Noelle so much. And she actually gave kisses. You have to understand that she rarely honors humans with that. Because we clearly have cooties. And I got to snuggle with her. And that's the first time....ever, I think. This is only the third time I've been away from her, and the longest. Most of the time it's Labor Day weekend.

I love my little dork. So very much. It's been two years since I got her. Well, was on Dec. 8th. It doesn't seem that long, but then, I can't remember all the parts of my life before her, either. Sometimes it's just nice to have something that you can love unconditionally, and they return the favor. And that's why I will kill and bury a bitch for hurting an animal. I do mean that too. I have plans, people. Devious really should have been my middle name.



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