22 December 2007

Don't you dare make this place domestic.

So the vacation post will be coming when the world calms the fuck down for a minute. Until then, I have more Wrinkles news.

You see, because God has such a fabulous sense of humor, He's given Mama and the dog the same ailments. Until now. Oh, yes. There is a bigger joke out there now. You see, the senior pug is now a diabetic. That's right, for all you reading comprehension skilled people: she has the same disease I do. That also means we get to give her shots twice a day. She's on Vetsulin now.

Because, of course, the vacation from hell has outreaching tentacles of WTFery. Fantastic!



Blogger Pug & I said...

Oh, poor Wrinkles! That's just not cool. Are the shots expensive? I certainly hope not. Well, I'm anticipating your post, even if it is about your vacation from hell, because really, I'm a nosy person. And I like listening to people complain. :) It's my thing. :) Merry Christmas!

11:27 AM  
Blogger Jessie said...

It's really not to cool. But the shots and needles were only like 59 bucks, so waaaay cheaper than mine. *snort* Sad, that. She takes the shots like it's nothing, though. She doesn't even notice it. We've discovered if we put half a chicken breast in with her food (which has been sitting in water for about three minutes), then she's golden. IT's just getting her to eat in the mornings now that's the problem.

I'll probably post it today, when I make up a post for another comm I'm apart of on LJ that had kitty secret santas. The vacation from Hell. Man, we've decided to check out Savannah to Charleston SC to move to.

Merry Christmas to you, too!

2:45 PM  

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