26 November 2007

She's not a peer group, she's supper

We all know I can't sleep for shit, so I'm still awake at 4:00am. I was flipping channels and came upon The Hallmark Channel, which is not actually that unusual. I love watching Walker at 1am every night since usually nothing else is on. Anyway, so I get there and I see Bridget Fonda looking hot in white, like entirely white. I went, "Is this some movie version of The Snow Queen?" I loved that story as a child, ironic since I hate the cold, but I looked around on IMDB.com and then tried to download it (sadly, no one seems to have it right now) until I can buy it. Because, dude, Bridget was hot. Ahem. But then I started watching it and I really, really liked it.

The fact I'm a fantasy geek is not news to anyone here, either. I love it to pieces. And the styling reminded me so much of The 10th Kingdom and Merlin, other awesome miniseries I adore. And of course, I always get giddy when I catch The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns on the television around St. Patrick's Day. And let's not discuss the newer versions of Dune and Children of Dune by Sci Fi that I'm practically engaged to, shall we? So this is not news that shiny, new fantasy things are like crack to a whore at the bus station for me. Then I found that was made in 2002.

How did I not know my crack existed?! People! Readers! You are falling down on the job! I must know these things. Because. It. Is. My. Crack. Even more than urban fantasy (as long as we can chuck LKH and her PWP Anita Blake series out the window, please) and the hot smexings of Anne Bishop's Black Jewels Trilogy and assorted stories in that universe.

Seriously, dude. My crack. I want my crack more! I missed the first hour and only saw the last bit. I just. I want it! I will have to wait until either Christmas (which is probably not happening since I need to replace the money on my financial aid card more) or Tax Return Season. I just. You have no idea. Maybe I'll buy more of those miniseries, if I can find them on sale. Visual crack does a body good, damn it.

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