18 November 2007

Hell In A Handbasket, YAY!

Okay, I know it's been forever since I updated. Like half a month. Sorry! I've been torn between school, writing, taking mom to the doctors, reading urban fantasy like crazy, and trying to stay awake. Oh, and laughing my everloving ass off at the stupid at the Lexicon people. In case you're unaware, the Lexicon is an online encyclopedia for Harry Potter. And the editor and owner, Steve Vander Ark decided to publish this. Yes, he did indeed decide to publish an encyclopedia of copyrighted material, and thought it could pass off as critical essays.

His publisher (and him) decided to ignore a lot of JKR and WB's requests to see the manuscript and if not, than to cease and desist. Let's just say they were slow enough to be left behind at the bus stop, kay? And the publisher, from Michigan (haha, Michigan peoples, you get the crazy this time), has compared someone protecting their intellectual property as a police state, the Japan bombings, David and Voldemort (yes, you read that right), and David and Goliath. You really can't make this stupid up, I promise.

The best part was SVA asked JKR to write an encyclopedia with him, but she refused, so he did it on his own. On her website, she gives out awards and stuff for awesome websites that are informative. Lexicon has been around for something like at least five years. I was in the fandom for awhile and used to occasionally look over if I forgot any info for a Potter story I was writing. Though, it was rarely about Harry himself, because I wanted to kill the little bastard with all his whining. Seriously, dude, your parents aren't bugfuck nuts and can't remember you exist because of them. Shut up already. I swear, I shipped Harry/Buffy (of Vampire Slayer fame) for a damn good reason. He could probably be slashed (same sex) with Peter from Heroes, too.

Anyway, the ironic part is that JKR didn't mind the online version because it was a good resource that even she had used once or twice. And it didn't try and profit off her work. Yeah, boyo missed the Common Sense Boat and fell straight into Entitlement River of Denial.

Ahem, there's a buttload more, but a) I don't think you care and b) it's more time consuming to know than MsScribes was. And that bitch got minor press coverage. All the RDR Books (publisher) vs JKR stuff has been happening since Halloween. I love it when celebrities give me presents on holidays. But he fucks up Fandom (as in all communities about any and every show) I will be forced to run up there and kick someone's ass...using a shovel.

I'll be going to Florida the second week of December to the third. I'll have the computer, but I don't know if the hotel will have wifi. We'll see. I have my final the night before we leave. Next semester I'm taking four classes. Woohoo. Intro to Anthropology (I'm hoping this teacher doesn't harp on evolution like my other attempt at my first college did), World History to 1500, Intermediate Algebra (read: the second semester of my stupid math), and an online Geography class.

I have a lot more, but I'll talk about it later. I need to get to bed. I still have to write about 3500 words tomorrow to catch up, and do some errands.

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Blogger Misty Dawn said...

I gave you an award at my most recent awards ceremony the other day :-)

7:45 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

Thank you for that! I'm still trying to catch up, so I randomly pick entries to try and get a general idea of what I've missed. It seems like a missed quite a few. Sorry!

8:31 PM  

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