28 September 2007

What a bumbly bear...

Before I tell you the story, lemme break down my class grading scale for you.

16 Labs - 5%
16 Quizzes - 5%
8 Study Guides - 10%
Tests - 20%
Mid term exam - 15%
2 Exams that aren't mid or final - 20%
Final - 25%

(Exams are scantrons. Tests are free response.)

And every day there is a lab, test, quiz, or exam going on. A lab and quiz per week. So, in 16 weeks, I can't miss a single class or else risk getting a zero and dropping my average down.

Because I have way too many obsessive tendencies with my grades, I've been checking like five times a day to see my updated grade (the prof only does it like once a week), especially since I took a test Wednesday. One I kinda sorta didn't study for. Well, hell, y'all. How do you study for a word problem test? Really?

So it was finally updated around 11-12, since I last checked about 10 (see, told you it was an addiction). I checked and...saw a 46. Holy shit, I didn't think I'd bombed the test at all. Of course, if I'm confident on a test, I usually do. But seriously, I worked my ass off. Usually after a test, we learn at least one section, but we're ahead of the schedule, so we got to leave after class. (Normally that's reserved for only exams.) Anyway, so I have my stroke and am in shock. I go look again a couple hours later (because I couldn't believe and had to check again myself), only to find it's now a 92. The dumbshit forgot to double it since he graded on a x/50 scale. It was only 10 questions so they must have only counted 5 points. I was scared to death.

But! I got a 92. Hell yeah. That's the first A I've gotten since kindergarten. No, wait. Probably since letters decided to join in on the number orgy, so seventh-eighth grade. And my grade overall? 88.71! Damn shame it doesn't count on my GPA, since apparently I should know this information before beginning college. Pssh. Clearly, the people who made that guideline didn't actually graduate from the Georgia public school system.

I'm so thrilled I could spin in circles and pull a Julie Andrews. Heh!

I also find out the guy I'd dubbed Cute Boy has an actual name. He wanted me to sign him in for the day, cause really, once you get comfortable you don't wanna deal with the aisles made for people that are skinner than a minute (which, clearly, for the record I'm not and he is). And he was lazy, but okay. Whatever. I get it since the teacher puts it out at the front of the class about the time everyone's trying to run and get into class on time. And I go, "I would, but what's your name?"

Now, mind you. He sits in front of me, has been talking to me and flirting (and okay, confusing me on whether it's gay, straight, bisexual, or an alien from Krypton...) but never actually told me his name. He just looks at me and goes, "Caleb." I'm thinking, "Thanks. Coulda used a last name too, but okay." I signed him in (hopefully it was him) and he was like teasing me about it. *shakes head* So now I can mentally call him Caleb instead of Cute Boy. This would be the one that made me think I was a pedophile for a minute cause he looks at most 18.



Blogger Misty Dawn said...

Congrats on the A! Geesh, I would have been like you and freaked out when I saw the first grade - but I bet it was a fabulous feeling when you saw the correct grade!

So, tell us more about Cute Boy...er, I mean Caleb.

11:34 AM  
Blogger Jessie said...

Thank you! I'm very proud of myself. I feel extremely accomplished at the moment. It won't last long, but by god, I'll take it! *laugh* I think Caleb and Alvin (my cute, very gay guy that sits beside me) will want to kill me. Oops. Oh, well.

Caleb looks like he should be modeling Abercrombie & Fitch, or the Gap. Something like that, but he might be a bit too short. He's probably no more than 5'8. Which is fine for me. Hello, I don't even top 5'2. I'm usually very, very confused on his orientation. Cause sometimes he flames a bit, and the other times not even close. I haven't gotten to flirt in ages. Not intentionally. But like the other day, I was writing my notes and he turned around to write on my paper "Hey!" with a smiley face. It's just fun. He's skinner than a minute, but tone. Dark hair and eyes, fairly pale skin. Has...six tats, I think. Two wrap around one calf. One's a koi...and I think the other's a tiger. I saw one on the knot right below the nape of the neck, but I didn't get to see what it was. He's in school full time I believe. He's actually 26, and not the the babycakes I thought. Which is nice. He's studying to be a physician's assistant. But the first step is nursing, so he's trying to get the prerequisites out of the way. He goes out of his way to talk to me. Wears nice clothes.

How's that? *laugh*

6:11 PM  

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