18 September 2007

Ain't Bubbette's Bitch, Yo!

So little updates as I watch Big Brother 8 give money to either asshole or motherfucker choices.

I mentioned this a couple times on other people's blogs, but there's a cute guy in my math class. Of course, he looks twelve, so I assumed he was at most 20. Thus, making me feel like that pedophile Livejournal's determined to call me. Which, ick. Totally.

But turns out? Not so much! He's 26. And apparently might be gay. Well, I'm sorry guys, but y'all are hard as hell to figure out. Stop that. Right now. Your queen demands it, or off with your little head. Doesn't matter if he is gay; ain't like I'd land him anyway if he were straight. But it's fun to flirt regardless.

I went to see my godmom's lender today, to find out what I need to do to gain a condo in the next couple years. I'd love a house, but let's be real. I don't have the chance to get a 250k house in Atlanta, since I don't really wanna reside in the ghetto. Safety first, and I'd stand out. But Nancy, at least your house colors would match my location. ;)

So what I found is that I need to be employed for a year before attempting. I'd have my inheritance and substantial down payment along with paying off my old debt after I pay for a newer car. Now? I just need to find a job. WTF is up having clean credit for a clerking job? Er, they do realize they're in the land of foreclosures because people can't afford jack shit and thusly go into debt more, right? Right? Good to know people have their heads on straight. So hopefully in about 18 months I'll be in my own. I don't even have to rent. Woohoo. Godmom's offer to cosign was a huge help, since she's got impeccable credit. And has for like 50 years.

Other than that? I found out that I might have financial aid for school, and possibly a 90 in my non-credit class. Why can't I get that grade in a credited math class? WTF people. And now I shall frolic into looking at condos for my godmom.

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Blogger Nancy said...

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7:40 PM  
Blogger Nancy said...

All the good looking men are married or gay!

I AM repainting this baby-shit brown, lol

Yeah for you on your scores ...keep it up.

Ahhh, a home owner, has it's ups and downs, but mostly ups =)

7:41 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

They are! And he's so confusing! Yesterday he was flirting again. Damn it. Men suck. Well, a certain kind of man.

*snickers* Repaint! Paint away! Just don't choose colors that match anything that comes out of a 10-month-old. ;)

I hope I can keep up the grades next semester when I have more than one class. *laugh* First I have to change my stupid FAFSA stuff, which says I made 3k last year, when I really made 305. Yeah. Yeah.

I can't wait to get my own place soon enough. I royally fucked up my credit when I was 18, though. So I need to work on other stuff to make my scores go up. I will. It'll just take time. A year or so of employment and I'll be cool. I'd love a 3/1 home, since it'd just be me. I like the idea of a yard for a dog to play in. But I'd settle on a condo.

8:10 PM  

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