03 August 2007

Boo Motherfuckers

Oh, LJ/6A you fail so hard it's insane. So, once again, people are getting TOSed, without anyone clarifying what's TOSable. Apparently common sense went out the window. I keep my LJ for my fandom things. That's the whole point of that account at this point, and I'm not going to link it either. It's where I can put shit y'all don't care about, and I'm a complete feedback whore, so instant gratification is a blessed thing.

Now, I don't particularly like Snape and Harry relationships, or any student/teacher. I never have, wasn't my kink. Chan/lolita/whatever the hell else you call makes me squick the fuck out and run and hide. But I also didn't judge other people. How could I? Dude, I read Harlequin romances...and am proud about it. I have no room to judge. So, they're cracking down because the wackos at Perverted Justice are on them this time. Seriously? These people fail so hard at business sense that it's astounding. Y'all, fictional characters? Get the same treatment as real people. Uh huh. That whole 'fiction isn't reality' thing is a blurry line with these fools.

I'm not gonna hash it out much more, because well, I've been looking at it all damn day, and why I haven't visited many blogs. It's just insane. LJ/6A needs to go back to business 101. If you piss off your customer base, it will leave. When it leaves, advertisers won't stick around. Then you have a waste of money, and you'll have to close something you paid a lot of money for. Dude, if I can figure this out after one marketing class, then they're totally fucked.

Oh, and the Supreme Court? Totally the best thing to model anything on for the obscene laws. The same Court that said fiction couldn't be obscene, because it is in fact not real. And LJ/6A is the same company that said that fan fiction and art was safe, three months ago when they did the first dumbass shit of deleting and permabanning people without investigating. *sigh*

Make the stupid stop. Make it stop.

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