12 July 2007

"Leave Me Alone, Mama!"

So, I'll be posting about White Trash Woman, aka Jennifer, later because apparently my story wasn't done yet. But! First I have to share my cat pic. I took this a couple weeks ago, and well, she's just so cute. Ahem. Oh, come on, we all know I adore my cat. The light of my life. The thing that puts meMama in the poorhouse.

She usually sleeps on my bed, curled up like that. But the flap over her eye is just so cute. Like she's mimicking how I put a pillow over my face when the light is too bright in my room (yes, I sleep with a night light, so sue me). So adorable, the little shit.



Blogger Misty Dawn said...

Hehehehe, extremely cute! My Molly (Border Collie) has a thing with pillows - she sees me using them, so she thinks that she has to use them too. One day, I came into the living room and every throw pillow was off the couch. She had placed one in each place that she might decide to lie down. One under the end table, one behind the couch, one positioned 'just so' in front of the couch on the floor, etc, etc.

8:58 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

Well, if the human uses it, then it's must be okay for the queen to use it. Don't you know that by now? *grins* And she got comfy, darn it. I hope you didn't move her nice little nest. She took a lot of time getting it ready. And she's a Border. Come on, the pillows were another thing to herd. And she herded them to the perfect, most relaxing spots. *grins* She was just sharing them, mom.

Noelle sleeps on pillows, too. See the little pic by my name? That's where how she sleeps. One day I'll catch her on her a sofa throw cushion. She curls up and lays her head on the pillow like a person. The little shit.

9:33 PM  
Blogger Misty Dawn said...

My Molly is quite the one to think ahead. As LMQ says "Molly is a BYOB kind of girl" except in Molly's case, it's Bring Your Own Ball. She's always planning ahead ;-)

11:03 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

Well, a ball is very important! It's much easier to be prepared for play time. People are really quite unprepared in this day and age, you know. It's sad state of affairs, but true. No one thinks to bring toys to occupy the four-legged kids. Up to them. Abused and neglected creatures.

11:07 PM  

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