18 July 2007

I completely give up

I love my godmom, I really do. I put up with her bullshit because I do. But this for the birds! The real estate agent she has is making big promises, and then insults and talks down to us. I don't mean a snappy comment here and there. I mean, full-on. Like, I look for condos in the market because my godmom asks me to. Since I have a computer, why not? I can find things, since I know what we like. Especially since our real estate agent doesn't listen to a damn thing we say.

It's like being between two passive-aggressive fools and a hard place. You see, my godmom wants to fire her, but doesn't want to hurt her feelings. EVEN THOUGH, said agent has said phrases like "FMLS has all the condos with your criteria. All you are doing is making my job harder," when I find something we might be interested in. I didn't have the MLS number. I got it off Craigslist. But, it was listed by another agent, so it should be in the database. So I thought, hey, she can call and ask. I gave all the info I had. There were three of them. She's also said things "
I am going to send you everything from 200K to 250K with your criteria. THIS IS EVERYTHING. You are wasting your time searching Craig's List. Everything I am sendng you is ALL THERE IS." I later found the one we were more interested in by doing a quick look on the site that was referenced on Craigslist. If I can do it, she can spend 10 minutes looking up like I did. And this is her usual conversational speed when being an agent, apparently.

Now my godmom called earlier, trying to say "Hey, we don't like being treated like crap." Agent pretended to not hear her. At all. So she emailed me through my godmom's email since that's what we're using as the main one, "I am a Certifed Real Estate Appraiser and know the value of things." And later on in the email, she said, "Every time you make out a rent chck you are losing money." You can see why I'm fed up with this lady. She doesn't listen, makes those smarmy comments, and it gets old. Fast.

My godmom still wants to use her, but goes, "I feel like I'm in a hard place between you and her." I'm sorry, what?! I'm sorry I don't want you treated like a doormat because the agent wants a quick sale fast and is telling you, full stop, what you want and don't...and is unwilling to take you to the locations so you can see for yourself. She's done it from the beginning. It's giving my godmom ulcer problems for the past three or four days. We have another agent lined up, and she's like "Well, there's no reason we can't use both." Well, other than the fact the current one is telling us to take the first one we saw that we liked, on the first day, without looking at any other comparables, sure. And the fact she ignores everything you say, bullies and bosses you around. Tells you that your daughter's diabetes and elderly dog's care should be a second or third priority to getting a condo, absolutely. Why not believe she has your best interests at heart.

I finally just said "Fine, then don't take me into consideration." I'm sorry, I'm tired of getting four-five emails a day not listening, having to repeat the same goddamn statements of why we don't like this or that condo (like it'll need 15k in work before it's livable for her needs), and we keep getting shown the same thing and hammered to buy one that she can make quick money off of. Gee, that's a good reference. I'm so over that, though. Because she's making my mom physically ill. And my godmom just takes it rather than rock the boat. I'd rather rock the boat than be spoken down to like that, especially by someone that will earn a hefty commission check. Now mom's in another snit. Considering she never seems to get out of those, whatever. I'll just deal like I always do. But I'm not apologizing and backing down this time. I don't think it's wrong to expect your real estate agent to treat you some courtesy.

But what do I know?

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Blogger Misty Dawn said...

I can't stand people who talk down to me either! Drives me insane. I get that a lot around guys who don't know me that well and something comes up about fishing or guns.

By the way - I tagged you - check out my blog!

7:25 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

Doesn't it drive you insane?! You're like "Uh, hello? Functioning brain here. Didn't fall off the turnip truck, either." I'm not a realtor, but I do in fact know how to look something up and go from there. If I'm polite to you all the time, then I expect the same in return. When she gives my godmom ulcers, there's a problem.

Oooh! I'll have to do that in a few minutes after I warm up in the shower. Woohoo.

8:44 PM  
Blogger Misty Dawn said...

I hate hate hate when I have to call tech support for something (trust me, that is a very rare occasion) - It never fails that I get some a-hole who sits there and acts like I've never turned on a computer in my whole life. It usually ends up with the conversation ending and I have taught the tech support a-hole a few things! Seriously, I've discovered that I usually know more about computers than they do! I guess I'm in the wrong profession - I should be tech support specialist, at least I'd treat my customers with more respect that the other tech support people do!

9:18 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

*grins* I know very little on how my computer works. But I know how to try everything before I call. All the usual routines anyway. I figure until you treat me badly, everyone deserves respect. It's important to keep communications open. Why, why don't people understand the simple philosophy?

1:15 AM  

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