19 July 2007

Eight Facts

I was tagged by Misty Dawn, so here's mine.

Here's the rules:
1) Each player must post these rules first.
2) Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3) Tagged people post their eight things and these rules.
4) End your post by 'tagging' eight new people to play.
5) Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog for these instructions.

Here We Go...
1. I'm scared to death of sleeping in the dark. I always sleep with either the TV on mute, or a night light so my rooms not completely dark. I got in the habit after living in the haunted house from hell. You hear boots tapping on the floor above you and a pirate ghost wanting you gone, sitting on the side of your bed at night, and tell me you wouldn't freak out either.

2. I was almost named Misty Morning. Yeah, my dad didn't go for it either. It would have been ironic since I've never been a morning person. The most interesting things happen at night, damn it.

3. In kindergarten, I nearly broke a guy's finger for kissing me, or trying. He didn't succeed so well. Especially after he kissed my best friend not 10 minutes earlier. He kept trying until the teachers learned to keep us apart. Wasn't my fault that he had cooties.

4. I compare myself to a weird Faith/Cordelia/Lilah hybrid. Whedon characters for those not in the know. I'm screwed up like Faith, got the bitch-meets-mother Cordy attitude, the no nonsense, practical outlook from Lilah. I'm also a strong woman, which each of those have in spades.

5. I have very little self-esteem and confidence, but a wealth of self-worth. It's strange, I know. I may not think highly of myself, but I know I'm worth than being the mud on someone's shoe. I'm worth more than most people I know because of who I am. I just necessarily think I'm special, as in a rare find. It's an odd problem, believe me. I don't hold myself as a particular brilliant or funny person either. I consider myself average.

6. I don't believe in true love. Love, sure. But true love? Crock of shit in my opinion. Love changes, alters. Rarely have I seen that stand the test of times. In fact, I never have. At nearly 26, I've been in love once and it's not something I care to repeat. I was in love with him, while he thought of me as a friend. So, yes. Bah to that. Part of me is still in love with me, stupid heart that I have. Damn loyal bones. I'll stick to being a loner. For me, the two things are intertwined. But unfortunately most people in love that I've met turned on serious blinders to the other person's fault...and that can't be healthy. Cynical should be my middle name, I swear.

7. I'm happiest with a good book, romance or scifi/fantasy being genres of choice. I generally don't like people. Can't trust them not to fuck you over. My experience anyway. However, that doesn't mean I don't mind being around people I enjoy. I have friends I see, or talk to, and they make me laugh and forget my life. True friends. Ones that have the same interests and don't mind mocking that we're geeks about it. Those I can handle for long periods, but not general people. Being a people person doesn't mean you necessarily enjoy the masses.

8. I was on phenobarbital from 11 months to six-years-old for seizures. Before I was a year, I had a seizure that stopped me from breathing. Recent studies (as in less than ten years ago) show that pheno can lower a kid's IQ and make cognitive skills less developed. Yay. Go '80s doctors handing out pheno like it was candy.

Tagging anyone who wants to do it.

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Blogger Pug Mom said...

Wow! Seriously - haunted house? And I'm totally with you on the whole not-being-able-to-tolerate-the-general-public thing. I like going out and whatnot, but at some point I get exhausted of having to deal with people and I'd rather go home and curl up with a bowl of mashed potatoes and my pug.

1:23 PM  
Blogger Augs Casa said...

Ah, but we are aall unique in one way or another.

You are just loopy....Just kidding.
Interesting 8.

1:49 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

*grins* Yes, a haunted house. I promised Augs I'd post about it later today after get some writing discipline done. Damn deadlines. Ahem. Some great stories, too.

Precisely. Curled up with a pet, reading a book, just relaxing. You don't have to be on all the time then. People expect you to be fun, loud, entertaining. I don't like that much expectation on who I am. Too much pressure and things stop being fun then.

2:11 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

Augs, I'm quite loopy. There is no other word for it. *grins* I don't do normal well. I don't think I'm so much unique as a mess that no one can sort out well.

2:17 PM  
Blogger Misty Dawn said...

I don't do normal either Jessie! In fact my step-daughter tells me all the time that the fact that I am NOT normal is what makes me such a great person ;-) I don't do the general public or crowds thing either - I want to be at home, with my pets, my pond, my books, my birds singing, whatever - I just don't want a bunch of people around. What's weird though, is that I will go through literal withdrawal from my friends here on the internet... must talk to you guys on a regular basis or I start getting all cranky! But, I can deal without being around a bunch of people in person. I know, as I've said before - I've got issues.

9:56 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

Well, who wants to be like everyone else? What's the fun in that? It's good to know I'm not the only homebody around. I never got the social butterfly thing. Never made a lot of sense to me. Big groups make it hard to know who's really who. And forget remembering names. One on one I can do. You have no more issues than I do.

Actually, since getting this blog, I check the ones on the side, listed, before my other journal. Y'all are more interesting, unique. Right now, I'm currently slap out of offline friends, until my buddy comes down from Philly for Dragon*Con. Then I'll have her, and her friend, who is awesome. Which is why the online people I know are so vital. I'm connected to someone. I at least need that. Just not in ginormous crowds.

Honey, ten points say you have less issues than me.

10:09 PM  

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