29 June 2007

Totally Tubular!

Guys! Guys! OMG!1!!! *bounces on feet* I've been reduced to teeny speak! My dad called when I got back earlier, and told me that he's paying for my car insurance for the next six months (which is about 200 bucks), an old credit card debit (like close to 2 grand), and whatever financial aid doesn't cover. Holy shit, y'all. The only requirement was to find a job, which duh, I'll do after Labor Day, when all this shit's in order. *boogies* This is awesome, y'all. Like beyond. This is unreal. Looks like granddad's 10k will provision came through.

AND! My day got even better when my BlackBerry arrived. Well, technically it's my godmom's but she bought it for me since I need a new phone. It's not good when you have wonky miscommunication. As in, I can hear them and answer, but they can't hear me. So! She got me a new phone, said BlackBerry. It's a refurbished 7103c. I have no idea what it does, but damn it was 40 bucks with signing up for two more years. Mama let me decide on what I wanted, since I'd be using it. *grins* I can't play with it until tomorrow since it has to charge up....but dude.

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Blogger Misty Dawn said...

I hate having to wait to play with a new gadget! That's just so unfair! Course I'm a techie-gadget addict.

Congrats on all the help your dad is going to give you! That's awesome!

9:37 PM  
Blogger Pug Mom said...

Yay! I wish my parents would pay my credit card debt (which is also about 2 grand) - but they're currently broke, as am I, so it's small payments until the end of time. Or rather, until I get a job as a rich fabulous lawyer (Ha! Suuure. That's gonna happen.)
I've never had a BlackBerry, but I limit my phone usage to "Hello" and "Goodbye". Having a complicated phone bothers the hell out of me. But I LOVE complicated computers. I'm just odd.

2:55 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

Misty Dawn,
I had to wait. And I can't do the internet. Because holy shit, 40/month for capabilities? I don't think so. But it's a nifty phone! And my friend that's long distance? I can call her free, since same company. Woohoo. Seriously, this is a BFD.

I kinda wish Daddy would give me the money to buy a better car more. Paying off bills? Awesome. Having a car that runs? Even more awesome.

Pug Mom,
My dad's usually way, way broke, but my granddad's will gave all his wife's surviving kids after 30 days 10 grand to play with. Which is awesome, because yay, but I'd prefer a running car over debts being paid off. Seriously my battery? Has to be replaced yearly. Poor little rust bucket.

I've never had a BlackBerry either. But it's awesome! It has a speaker phone, so I can talk while driving, without taking my hands off the wheel. I don't use it all the time, but I figure in six months to a year, I might end up needing it. So better to be prepared.

6:41 PM  

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