01 June 2007

Oh what a fucked up tangled web...

To hell with the TB scare in my own damn city.

To hell with Michael Vick's dumbass.

Where have I been doing the past three days? Watching uneducated monkeys try and parse out a reasonable explanation why 'delete, then ask' is a really good idea.

Because seriously they're so stupid that I think FanLib gets a round at the bar tonight for being MENSA candidates. It's always a good idea to piss off your userbase unexpectedly and not talk about it for days, while informing the banned people that they're "permanently suspended" for daring to not confirm to some nutjob's way of life and having an "interest" linked because that's how the site has been set up to work in the first place. Woohoo?

Yeah, well, since I just paid them money, I want to know when I can expect a refund. Hey, I didn't pay to be lumped in with pedophiles. Sorry, not my bag, but thanks for making me feel one. It made me feel all warm and tingly inside. Oh, wait. That might have been my fandoms bitchslapping their asses. Ah, well. Anything that can unite HP fen together gets a gold star in my book.



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