25 June 2007

My Two Point Six Cents

Okay, I've been bombarded with military posts lately (through my own curiosity or links). This leads me to believe it's time to say my piece. Now, I'm saying it over here, and not on my other, more fandom-centric journal. This? Is a serious toned one post.

I disagree, rather heavily, with the politics behind the war. I'm 25 and it seems like we're always at war. I remember Desert Storm, when as a youngin' my class sent tapes for the soldiers, where we sang and showed our support. But even then, I wasn't sure war was the best answer. And my opinion hasn't changed much over the years. I have a cynical nature, I must admit, and I get the feeling that some politicians are looking at the vote potential instead of the people that are putting their lives on the line. That bothers me, a lot. I've seen, and dealt with my stepfather's PTSD in the 12-13 years I've known him. It's untreated, and probably will stay that way. I believe he said he served three tours. Watching him suffer, knowing that he was a kid that was forced to kill young children, tends to make me not a fan either. Because it's a heavy burden to carry, and it's even heavier when it's a 12-year-old that has to make him feel better during a freak-out over it. Not his live-in girlfriend (my mom), or his own children, but someone who barely knows him but can see the hurt that still lives in him.

That is a large majority of why I don't support the politics behind war. I've seen the disastrous outcome.

However, and please let me be abundantly clear: I will always, always, ALWAYS support the troops. Until my dying breath. I've watched my stepfather deal with the outcome, and I have so much pride in him. He may be an alcoholic sonofabitch sometimes, but he still did something really hard when he was barely old enough to graduate high school. I do my best to call on Memorial Day, or Veteran's Day. Of course, I do forget sometimes, but I make the effort.

Because you know what? I'm a chickenshit when it comes to things like going over and fighting for people I don't know. I am. Now if it were an abused animals? I'd be nailing someone's balls to the wall with a Tim Taylor'd special nailgun. Same with abused kids, after watching my stepbrother be molested by his youth minister, and not his first case of it, either. The first two times were because his mother decided to take him to drug houses. Oh, yes. She's a bright one. Though, I really love one thing about her. When the youth minister went to jail for molesting my little brother? She called in a couple jail favors and had his ass whupped up one side and down the other. She's been to jail a couple times, so she knew some people. Okay, fine, vigilante justice and all, but my little brother was 12 at the time, and thought he was safe.

Those incidents? I'll put on my shit-kickers and you'll be 20 feet in the ground before you know it. Probably with some hurting balls or boobs, depending. But I couldn't fight a war that I didn't understand, and more or less didn't agree with. These people in the military risk their lives so I don't have to. How can that not earn my respect, admiration?

Well, okay, one person doesn't. But considering he's my stepmother's son, well, we'll just take that into account. Plus, he married his 17-year-old girlfriend when he was something like 20. Yeah, not so much a winner there. Especially since they divorced less than a year later. He worked at Langley, working on the airplanes since his vision kept him from flying, which is what he really wanted to do. He got out after...eight years, I think. I tried to forget him as much as possible, so I'm not sure offhand. That's the only one I can think of.

But I completely support everyone fighting. Well, with the exception of ole JB, since he seems to think my dad owes him everything. Now, do I agree with why the troops are there? Hell no. But I do think they need to stay there, until they feel comfortable leaving. It's not me over there so it's not my call to make. Their opinions hold a lot more weight than someone trying to get votes, or the media's desire to stir the pot for more air time to devote to "the drama". Sorry, I like less drama in my news. I have fandom for that. Thanks. I want to know without political biases.

I've started reading military blogs, figuring out ways to make a contribution I can afford to the soldiers. They deserve it, and I'm trying my best to get a more accurate view, from the firsthand accounts. I want to know what I'm supporting, because it matters to the soldiers. It only seems right.

I don't think in political party things, either. Though, I do think George W. needs to go back to Kindergarten and start over. Primarily on using common sense, but that's not what this is about. It's about making the best of the situation we're in. Instead of pointing fingers, being jerks, acting the fool, the country needs to understand what the soldiers feel and see. To understand and accept that knowledge. And more importantly, to let them know that people can separate the politics from the troops. No matter someone's stance on the war, the soldiers shouldn't feel the burden. That's not their jobs.



Blogger Pug Mom said...

I agree it is hard for people to see, especially in the current situation, that the troops and politics are two different things. I've always wondered what would happen if there wasn't an army in any country at all - would life be a lot more peaceful, or would we just find other ways of killing each other? We'd probably end up killing each other anyway. And I am totally with you on the whole kicking people's ass if they mess with kids and animals - I'd be right there, but enlisting in the army - not so much. But I'm a bit of a coward.

7:42 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

It's sad that people can't separate, too. Because the people who carry it are the ones that are doing what we don't have to. It annoys me, to no end.

If we didn't have an army, like any country? Utter chaos and destruction. Because people in general a vicious, bloodthirsty lot. We'd find new ways to torture. The military, and law enforcement to a large degree, are the ones that enforce what the judiciary branches rules. So yeah, they make sure every thing's in order. People would just find another way to hurt, maim, kill. History teaches us that.

See, to me, animals and kids are equal on the scale. Animals were domesticated by man, so it's our job to make sure they're safe from extinction (unless it's evolutionary) and are taken care of. Especially for things like cats and dogs, which we've breed to be a certain way. That makes them our responsibility.

As for the kids, the parents have them so they should take care of them, properly that is. Responsibility is responsibility. Now, the whole saving some people I don't know? Not so much. So if someone else is willing to do it, more power to them. That gets a big respect moment with me.

8:40 PM  
Blogger TheUsualSuspect said...

I dig your writing style. And a lot of what you're saying is pretty dead on. As far as our involvement over here right now, in some ways, its a lot different than you'd think. Its a lot different than I thought it would be...

We aren't the big enemy anymore. To many people, not even the big saviors either. We're a presence. They don't mess with us most of the time, they know better by now. They're fighting each other. And every day I go out there, I get more and more tiny pieces of this fucked up puzzle, and I'm starting to get a fucked up picture. I'm debating whether or not I want to come out and say half the things I've found out. We're just the glue that's barely holding this country together. We can't fix it by ourselves, but without us, this place would be in complete chaos, instead of partial chaos. Gah, I'm sure I'll explain more later.

Gonna read more of your writing. Peace.

11:37 AM  
Blogger Jessie said...

Oh, yeah. It'd have to be different, since I'm pretty much cozy in my apartment half away around the world. At least, I hope I don't have a full picture, considering the majority of the sources I know are from the media (with the ability to spot bullshit a mile away). But I truly appreciate that your blog gives me the ability to see what you see. Maybe not literally, but it's a more accurate picture where I can fill in what's missing because of your writing style. And shows the media bullshit even more.

We can't fix it by ourselves, but without us, this place would be in complete chaos, instead of partial chaos. Gah, I'm sure I'll explain more later.

I have to kinda filter it through to growing up in my extremely dysfunctional family and into that situation, but I get what you mean, enough to connect to it. And being the glue can be the hardest job of all. Because that's a job that can make someone bone-weary from having to be peacemaker and helper 24/7. Sometimes, you just wanna blow the shit all hell and say fuck it. Let the other people deal with the fallout. It's chill out time, and they're not invited. Or, my experiences in above example of family war has shown me. So, take that with what you will of my understanding abilities.

Here's what I say about you saying anything: say what you feel is comfortable, and the things that aren't, write 'em down in a more personal space. My godmom's cousin was a soldier in WWII and he had a diary of everything he did, not because it was a cool souvenir, but to help get it out his head, even for a minute. So do that if you need to. Do what'll make life easier for you. Only advice I can give for that, not that it was asked, but well kinda my personality to just say it. I just know that you need to do what makes you feel better. For whatever reason. You're doing a damn difficult job, simply because there's a lot of us over here that couldn't (or wouldn't) do it. Just don't go the way of my stepdad, so do whatever it does to not follow that way of madness.

And I'm babbling. I'm sorry. I have moments of lucidity, and then it poofs into southern ramblingness. *grins* But if you need something to read that'll make you laugh, read the bit about my aunt's funeral. Hey, Jeff Foxworthy's got nothing on that bunch.

(Hey, wanna take my godmom to the eye doc? Perfect excuse for some R&R and crazy driving on 2-85. And hey, the doc office building boasts a little cafe in it, so you can have some food. Er, but again, around the world. Might miss it. Don't worry, she goes at least twice a year, so you can go next time. Then again, you'd have to fly into Hartsfield, never mind. That'd just be mean.)

1:07 PM  
Blogger TheUsualSuspect said...


You've got an ability to fill in the gaps with some pretty dead-on intuition. Starting to suspect that you have a similar personality to mine =P

And in that vein, tell me if I'm right or wrong:

It takes you FOREVER to fall asleep, doesn't it?

1:27 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

*grins* Sleep? Only if you mean it by the 3am - 11am shifts. I can make the best ideas to go to bed at midnight, fuck all if it happens. I usually end up watching the second showing of House Hunters on HGTV and whatever comes on after it. Then I wake up at 9am to take my thyroid pill, wake up again at 10 when mama brings my breakfast in so I can take my insulin (stupid thyroid pill's fucking my schedule all up to hell) but usually fail and get up at 11. Why do things have to be at daylight? Seriously, I'm usually my most awake around midnight. Usually my most creative, too.

Apparently Ninja Kitty, that'd be cat in that little pic, woke up from under the bed to say hi, too. And now she's done. *laugh*

1:49 PM  
Blogger TheUsualSuspect said...

Hahahaha, yeah I must concur there. Its funny, cuz I'll stay up late (late by soldier standard) and then have to get up at 3 AM or some ungodly hour like that. Then I'm out in the sun with 50+ pounds of gear on all day, doing god knows what, eating one meal a day (yeah, the body has adapted to that, and with diabetes in both sides of my family, I'll probably end up joining your ranks soon =P), and by the time I get back, I have to force myself to eat dinner and I'm utterly exhausted.

Then the sun sets and I'm wide awake. Nights are quiet and peaceful, minimal distractions, and you can get things DONE at night. It's awesome. It's just too bad that everyone else is asleep (or at work on the other side of the planet).

You are so getting linked. Very good writing.

1:55 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

3AM?!? Oh, hell no. I didn't even get up for school when I was supposed to. But luckily, I had to come from the next town over, so we just blamed it on traffic and not that I got up 6 instead of 5:30. *grins* And dude, 50 lbs? I'm sorry, I'm inherently lazy. You have so much respect for that in heat. Sheesh, Atlanta heat's bad enough. Try not to join my ranks, either. *shudders* 5 shots a day, sometimes more since the needle only hold 30 cc, yeah, it's not fun. Stupid ass genetics.

If you're awake, what in god's green earth do you do? I mean, besides the computer. Not quite that non-longer-blonde.

Hey, if you're up this late often, until I go back to school (damn high school records requirements), then you can chatter in my ear. I'm usually awake now. Of course, gotta split for the doc appointment thing, but usually, I'm here. Sleep is overrated. ;)

And for record, I write as I speak. Scary thought, innit? At least I don't have the confuzzling accent to add to it. Hey, Daddy's Michigan roots have to be good for something. *laugh*

Blogger seems to be my cool writing spot now. I have a livejournal, but they're acting foolish, so I transfered to my rarely used account. By the time I get back today, I'll have a godmom story. I always do after her doc visits.

*laugh* Be back about 6-7 my time, so god only knows yours. Take care, or I'll be forced to use a shitkicker to one ball (leave one to wince in pain over another attack with), got that?

2:08 PM  
Blogger TheUsualSuspect said...


Oh man, WOW. Hahaha.

Ok, I will most certainly bear that in mind.

And yeah, I just pretty much dick off online, trying to talk to people back home, or whatever. Internet = prosthetic window to the world.

2:23 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

*laugh* Well, as long as the internet's interesting. Wait, is the internet *ever* interesting? *polishes nails on shirt* Besides me that is.

And I lied, no godmom story, but *goes to read archives* Ooh, no I haven't told the bar fight tale. Maybe that'll be interesting. Pure Mama in that tale.

5:58 PM  

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