13 June 2007

Happy Time

Okay, really, I don't have a lot of happy things to mention about my day (mostly because I only left the house for about two hours), but well, the blog was getting rather bitter. I try and dole that out slowly as to not scare the nice people away.

So positive things. Reading Crystal McBoob's blog, I found this place. And truly, if you've ever had a pug, you understand how well they control humans. We are their puppets, and we dance, dance our little hearts out until we give them what they want. Granted, no one reads my blog (darn my promotion skills), but hey, I'll add it out there because what's posted is so true. I mean, honestly. Go read, laugh, and see how those us that are owned by pugs live. *grins*

Noelle is crashed out beside me, loving the floor lamp that keeps her nice and toasty since the cruel humans didn't raise her window today. Maybe we will tomorrow. God knows we're weak-willed when she looks sad. But...kitty. Pretty kitty, even. That's my Thunder Kitty (okay, and Ninja Kitty, as named when she was a kitten and would attack randomly). Thunder Kitty comes from the fact she sounds like it when she runs to follow from the front.

And oh my god. WORST KITTY MOTHER EVER. Today was her birthday. *headdesk* I was thinking it was July, but no, I gave her June 12 so it's three months in front of mine. Damn it. I owe her something. Hmm...wonder if I can get my godmom to buy her a toy or something. Probably. Godmom loves her almost as much as I do. Well, shit. Okay, *ponders* since it's late anyway, I should make it a good present. That means I've had her for about a year and a half. She's the best thing that's happened to me in that time. Why? Because she makes me laugh and giggle, keeps me from sliding into depression, and most of all just loves me. The unconditional love of a pet is the best thing ever. Because when I'm sick, she guards me. When I'm crashing at night and dangerously low, she'll paw at me. When I'm sleeping, usually she can be found curled around my feet snoozing right along with her brain-dead human. Every day I realize how lucky I am to have her. God, and since we don't speak often I'll take this on high authority, blessed me with her. She healed some old wounds helps me remember why I'm on this earth. Because I'm part of a team.

Best. Cat. Ever.



Blogger Pug Mom said...

OMG! My pug's b-day is June 12 too! He's officially 1 year old now. :) I can't believe I haven't jumped out a window by now. But then, that'd be hard - living in a basement apartment and all.

9:04 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

*laugh* That's why you get ground floor, honey. Then it's not quite so death-defying. ;) Oh, man, he hasn't hit the terrible twos yet. *grins* Beware.

11:23 PM  

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