29 May 2007

Thanks to bobbleheads and morons

Nora Roberts bobbleheads! Seriously, this is so awesome. I wanna be cool enough that I get to be a bobblehead. I remember when everyone had an Nsync one.

I'd say, "Oh, I could get one of those." But really? Not so much. Spending 200 for two nights stay at Dragon*Con this year does not money make. Oh, well. Less driving time for me. Woohoo. And I got a king sized bed. Go me! Lots of room for myself. *grins* And WiFi, so I can take my mom's computer. Hopefully to do schoolwork, since I'm working my ass off on getting there by fall.

Reminds me, when I get the doll, I need to make a Vala doll.

Also, vigilante groups never do well, people. Seriously, if you're in one? Buy a clue. You just come across as stupider than dog shit, and half as alluring. All you do is mess up the investigations of real people. Yeah, WFI, I'm looking at your dumb asses. Really, really dumb asses. Like, I know amoebas with high brain function. Way to tip off the real pedophiles. Aren't y'all just so cute and smart? Like a beheaded ant.



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