29 July 2006

Why I Named My Blog

I'm so, so bad about updating this account. Usually I just put everything my LJ, but then this is supposed to be separate, too. I need to remember that there’s more I can talk about.

Like my kitty gone nuts. Seriously, I love the crack addict to death, but when it’s 4 AM and she talks to the walls, not so much. And she does talk to the walls. Sits and faces it in order to chat up a storm at whatever spirit is hovering around, which I do ask to leave but they never listen to me since you know...they're in the middle of a conversation and all. But then she wakes me up with a face cleaning in the morning and all is right. I really adore her. No other pet could make me this happy. Yesterday, mama and I were so scared because we couldn’t find her. Looked under the beds, in the clothes, under the other furniture…so scared, and where was she? Behind the chaise, just sound asleep and unwilling to wake up. Sounds about like Noelle, but the thing I love the most about her is that sticks by me like glue, like she’s afraid I’m going to abandon her. I would never do that because she’s mine (and I don't give up on what I claim for me) now. However I got her, I wouldn’t trade the little shit for an entire kingdom. No matter my moods, she makes me happy and when my depression sets in, that’s a plus, too. Also, "Ninja Kitty" is a nod to her stealthy modes of attacking from her chair. Just be walking by and "Bam!" you're caught.

I really don’t have a lot to write, to be honest. My life is pretty boring, when it’s not about my fandoms or life that I don’t always feel comfortable writing about. Changed my email though. Now it’s jessedup@aol.com since it’s my new account that it’s easier to access at times.

Back to your regularly less-boring-schedule. Oh, and the Pepto pink will be gone...eventually. *grumbles* Give me LJ's layouts any day of the week, and they're a major pain in the ass is it is.

Ah, and even though I said I was gonna keep myself separate (and yeah, plus, no one visits this place anyway), here's a really cool movie, A Dog's Breakfast, that I'd want to see if I wasn't already in fandom where the actors usually play. It still looks cool and quirky, and honestly, what else could you ask for in a film?

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