04 April 2006

Howdy, Folks. Welcome to the Asylum!

Welcome to my world, children. Usually I blog at Livejournal, but there are times I want private thoughts (plus, you know, to have access to other people's blogs) so tada, this exists. I wouldn't expect much really, except the mad ramblings of a 24-year-old (nearly 25, thank you very much, go cheaper car insurance!) neurotic soon to be former kennel assistant (yeah, that's right. I clean up dog crap for a living....but I get to play with the puppies, so YAY! Oh, wait. I'm leaving that job, so maybe "Boo!" I don't know. Don't ask the idiot here.).

Be warned, my brain is a SCARY place on the best of days. No, really. I mean, I can ramble like this for hours and hours. You can imagine the hell it is to live me. My poor, poor mom. Don't you just want to send her like, some aspirin? Yeah, I know. I do too, and I'm the person in question.

You know, I really hate pink, but it was the prettiest color they had. Ah well. The Pepto theme is about right. Oooh, did you know that a killer whale is actually a dolphin? Hey, you keep that in your brain for like ten years and not randomly pull it out of nowhere. I had to say it to someone you know, and y'all are the lucky few. Whoever stumbles here anyway. Poor people. I should be all hostessy (mmm, Hostess) and offer some cookies, but how I do know you won't throw 'em away or something. I mean, honestly!

Right, time to go. Got to get my feminine justice dress tomorrow, and probably do some of that pesky homework, since I'll be working this weekend (except for Saturday, the day to outshine the bride, aka my former best friend. What? I'm completely petty. Hello, where have you been?) mostly. Also? I want a puppy. Just a random request. A Rottie named Boudicca.

Oh, and I won't be fandom speaking on here. For that, you'll have to email to get my LJ info. This is going to be all about "Jessie, Jessie, Jessie!" What? I can rip off The Brady Bunch all I want.



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