05 April 2006

Bzzz, wrong answer.

I swear I get so annoyed with my job sometimes. I had to rearrange my schedule on my day off(shopping is important, dammit!) to go help because they don't understand 70+ dogs and 1 person means they're gonna need help. First shift details involves walking dogs (which is when we take the dogs out to potty in the outside runs and while they're out we clean the cages), taking out the old laundry and putting new in (which means we have to wash all that laundry too), giving out water in new bowls (but, shhhh, that doesn't happen when we're packed, we just give them water in their old bowls), sweeping/mopping, depooping (cleaning the shit from the outside runs), washing the dogs that are getting baths (nail trim and ear cleaning included in this), fixing evening food and next morning's, recess (playing with dogs for 15 minutes), extra walks (where they stay outside in the runs for 15 extra minutes), snacks, and ice cream (Frosty Paws). The Recess and Walks are skipped when we're slammed. We simply don't have time. Yeah, all that for ONE PERSON in an 8 hour shift. Right.

The stupid keeps on breeding. Make them stop. Please. I say we spay/neuter the really stupid. What does anyone else say? Hmm, this is a lot more negative than I wanted to say, but I'm just frustrated. *sigh* Oooh, Fastlane is on. Okay, that's a better day all around.

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Anonymous Roses said...

"Please. I say we spay/neuter the really stupid."

Too late.
K-Fed and Brit already multiplied!

10:12 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

And scarily enough, KFed's the brighter parent.

7:59 PM  

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